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Stainless Steel Box Rail Bypass Barn Door Hardware Heavy Duty Interior & Exterior (600 lb)

RealCraft Box Rail Bypass Barn Door Hardware sets the industry standard, starting with better raw materials and offering more flexibility for the install process...but the secret is in the trolley! The craftsmanship that goes into our trolleys is unmatched, featuring years of smooth operation and dependability.

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Lag bolts are not available for Heavy-Duty Stainless Box Rail. To guide the door at the bottom, upgrade to the Industrial Floor Mount Stay Roller (not available in stainless, comes in unfinished steel).


All RealCraft barn door hardware kits are machined in Washington State, USA.


Our color hardware finishes are powder-coated steel. Unfinished raw steel is just that - the metal is not treated, and it's intended to have a worn and weathered look over time. The material is susceptible to pitting and rust, giving the hardware a time-worn look that meshes well with rustic, shabby chic, and industrial design schemes.


This hardware ships free within the continental United States. Free shipping excludes expedited shipping, international shipments, and oversize orders that require LTL shipping. Fast lead time: In-stock items ship in 1-3 days! Most orders ship same day if ordered by 12 PM Pacific time.


If you're adding a Soft Stop to your flat track hardware, keep in mind that it's recommended for interior use only. Soft stops can be used with flat tracks 5' and longer. If using two soft stops (one at each end of the track), this configuration is compatible with one-piece tracks over 12 feet in length, or with 2-piece tracks 10 feet in length and longer. Even if the overall weight rating for your hardware kit is higher, the weight rating for a Soft Stop is 220 lbs.


Doors are not included with the purchase of hardware.


If you have questions, or if your project requires special consideration, please call 1-800-694-5977. We'd be happy to help!




Bypass Doors for two doors:


Soffit Mounted: For bypass doors that are soffit mounted within the opening, measure the opening width. Choose the rail size that is larger than the opening (see the "Actual Rail Lengths" chart below)--the rail can be cut onsite to exactly fit the opening size.


Wall Mounted: Bypass doors slide in front or behind each other, and can slide in front of the wall next to the door opening. Measure the width of one of the doors and multiply by two to determine your minimum track length. For example, if you have two 3-foot wide doors, you will need a track at least 6' long. For help determining the track length you will need for your application, please call us.


Bypass Doors for more than two doors:


Soffit Mounted or Wall Mounted: Several doors can be placed on the two parallel tracks of the bypass system. Often, people will use three doors, putting two doors on the front track, and one door on the back track (or vice-versa). Please call for assistance determining the kit you will need.


600 lb.1-3/4"2-1/2"

*Can accommodate thicker doors by mortising apron into door




Use this chart to determine the exact length and amount of rail you will receive:





Call us for custom applications- 1-800-694-5977



 Steel WheelsHush Wheels®
Heavy-Duty Bypass Box Rail  
Industrial Bypass Box Rail Kit Sidewall 600 lb.N/A600 lb. door
Industrial Bypass Box Rail Kit Soffit 600 lb.N/A600 lb. door
Heavy-Duty Bypass Stainless Box Rail  
Industrial Bypass Stainless Box Rail Kit SidewallN/A600 lb. door
Industrial Bypass Stainless Box Rail Kit SoffitN/A600 lb. door

**Rating per pair of hangers


NOTE: Doors not included in kit. For do-it-yourself sliding doors, see Real Barn Door Kits. For other, high quality doors, visit Real Carriage Door Co.

Technical Guides:

Side Mount

Ceiling Mount


Still have questions? Click the chat box on the right to speak with a sales associate, or call us at 1-800-694-5977.


This stainless steel bypass box rail barn door hardware is intended for heavy-duty doors with a bypassing set-up. Bypassing doors can slide in front or behind one another. Similar in design to the Standard Duty Box Rail, this stainless steel bypass box rail barn door hardware is available in either a soffit version for 600 lb weight limits or a wall-mounted version for 600 lb weight limits.

The hangers come with a stainless steel apron that clasps over the top of the door. Choose between a wall-mounted version or a soffit mounted version. Great for both interior and exterior doors.

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