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Mid-Century Modern Five Lite Swinging Barn Door

Barn Door is a more modern take on ourTraditional Five Glass Panel Design. This door design features larger glass panels (lites) and smaller wood planks letting even more light come in! Perfect door design for rooms facing an outside area.


Inspired by our original Five Panel Horizontal Glass door design, the new Five Lite Classic original design also features five horizontal glass panels. However, different from its cousin, the New Mid-Century Modern Five Lite Classic Swinging Barn Door has even larger glass panels and small horizontal wood planks. This design will let tons of natural light in and is perfect for outside-facing areas. The New Mid-Century Modern Five Lite Classic Swinging Barn Door is a very versatile modern door design and will pair really well with many popular decoration styles, including:

  • Coastal Décor;
  • Modern Décor;
  • Mid-Century Décor;
  • Minimalist Décor.

The New Mid-Century Modern Five Lite Classic Swinging Barn Door is better suitable for interiors and will beautifully work for residential and commercial projects. Swinging Barn Doors are a traditional door solution and can be used in any doorway of your business or home. Some popular residential swinging glass door applications include:

  • Office Door;
  • Living Room Door;
  • Laundry Room Door;
  • Kitchen Door;

Modern Swinging Barn Doors with Glass are also a popular door system among different business segments and are commonly used in hospitals, retails stores, office spaces, and many more!


Wood Species

RealCraft is proud to offer over 20 beautiful and responsibly sourced wood species, including budget-friendly and exotic options, such as:

  • Alder;
  • Beech Wood;
  • White Oak;
  • Zebra Wood;

The wood species you choose play a huge role in the door's final look, so make sure to consider multiple possibilities! 

Keep in mind that wood is a natural material with unique properties. Every wood species is different and will react differently to various weather conditions. For example, if your door will be in an exterior area, it is a good idea to explore native wood species from your location as they will do much better with the climate conditions over the years. That's not the case for interior doors, though. Since your home's internal temperature is usually controlled, pretty much any wood species will last for decades keeping its visual appeal and natural properties. If you have questions about wood species, please give us a call.


Glass Options

Another important element for your Mid-Century Modern Five Lite Classic Swinging Barn Door's overall look is the glass style. Make sure to consider privacy when building your door. Choose from the standard clear glass for see-through or the etched option for more privacy.


RealCraft Glass Styles for barn door: Clear or Etched


Want a different glass option for your door? No worries! We also offer custom glass options and can source any glass style you desire. Give us a call for more information.


All RealCraft swinging barn doors are handcrafted by our skilled artisans in Gig Harbor, Washington. 


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If you have questions about our products or need assistance placing your order, please contact us at:

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We highly recommend adding a clear finish to your door to protect it and make sure that it is eligible to be covered by our warranty.


Each species of wood we offer boasts its own unique characteristics. Finishing your door with a clear finish will not only protect it, but enhance the beauty of the wood by bringing out the striking color and detail of the grain. We offer Osmo clear satin finish, which is a hand-rubbed hardwax oil that conditions and coats the wood; or clear urethane, which is a plastic sealing coat that is water-resistant and more durable for environments that can cause lots of wear and tear on a door. Read more about the finishes we offer here


Alder and Beech doors can have white primer added to prep the door for painting. Pre-primed Beech will have a smooth finish, while Alder will have visible knots for a more rustic look. Please keep this in mind when making your species selection.


custom barn door finishes

More Info

For frequently asked questions about choosing a door and hardware see our FAQ page. To see sample swatches and descriptions of wood species, take a look at the photo below, or our wood buying guide here. If you're having trouble deciding, or want to see the wood in person, you can order samples here.


Please note that doors will ship separately from sliding hardware when purchased together. Doors are pictured with hardware for context. Sliding hardware is sold separately, and not included with the purchase of a door. Doors will not be pre-drilled for hardware. If you order a door and a hardware kit, we are unable to ship hardware installed on doors due to the risk of shipping damage.


We designed these doors with interior applications in mind. We don't recommend exterior use, and can't guarantee against warping or damage if you install your door outside. To have this door specially crafted for exterior use, call us at 1-800-694-5977and we will be happy to help!


As stated above, we are happy to accommodate requests for customizations; however, please understand that customization will add to the lead time. If you need more than 10 doors, or if your project requires special consideration, please call 1-800-694-5977. We'd be happy to help!


Standard interior swinging doors and pocket doors are typically 36” x 80.” When choosing a sliding barn door, we recommend that the door overlaps the doorway slightly to minimize gaps. An inch of overlap on each side is a good rule for barn doors. In this case, a 36” x 80” doorway would need a 38” x 81” sliding barn door.


Learn how to measure for measure for a barn door.


For special applications, please call our support team at 1-800-694-5977 to ensure you choose the correct size.


Door handing is determined from the outside of a room. If the hinges are on the left side, the door has left handing. If the door swings into the room (away from you, standing outside the room), it is a left-hand inswing door. If it swings toward you, out of the room, it is a left-hand outswing, or left-hand reverse door. The opposite is true of right hand doors – the hinges will be on the right side. If the door swings into the room (away from you), it is a right-hand inswing door. If it swings toward you, out of the room, it is a right-hand outswing, or right-hand reverse door.


In cases where there isn’t a clear “inside” or “outside” to determine handing (i.e., the door connects two rooms), open the door and stand with your back against the hinges. If the door is on your left, it’s a left-handed door. If the door is on your right, it’s right-handed. If you are still unsure, don't worry! We'll be happy to help you make sure you select the right handing. Just give us a call at 1-800-694-5977, or click the chat bubble on the right to chat with one of our customer support agents!



swinging barn door guide

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All of our products are built using the best lumber available and are made with 100% Solid Wood, always.

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We are proud to offer products that are handcrafted from start to finish. With decades of expertise, our artisans mix tradition and innovation to create the most distinctive doors in the market. True masterpieces that will last for decades to come.

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For every barn door we sell, 25 new trees are planted worldwide.

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