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The Teardrop Lock - Privacy Sliding Door Latch Lock

We developed our Teardrop Privacy Sliding Door Lock when we saw that our interior sliding doors needed a little something to hold them closed, for privacy.

The Teardrop Privacy Lock is designed for bedrooms, bathrooms, or any interior space with a sliding door. The swivel latch is installed inside the room - when the door is closed the ‘teardrop’ swivels into a slot in the door, holding it in place, for privacy. The privacy lock is ideal for small spaces where sliding doors are used or required. Black or Stainless Steel finish options are available.




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  1. The Teardrop portion of the lock mounts to the inside of the jamb.
  2. A small slot is cut out of the face of the door and the strike plate is installed into the slot.
  3. When the door is closed the teardrop swivels out and latches into the strike plate.
  4. The door is closed and held in place, unable to be opened from the outside.


  • Wall-mounted sliding door (standard)
  • Pocket door
  • Single Sliding
  • Bi-Parting - Two Doors that part in the center of an opening. One to the left and one to the right.


  • New construction or Renovation
  • Commercial or Residential
  • Bathroom / Hallway
  • Bedroom / Bathroom
  • Living / Dining
  • Office / Den
  • & more...


  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for Retro-fit applications
  • Finish options: Stainless Steel or Black


  • Teardrop swivel
  • Teardrop backplate
  • Strike Plate
  • Washers and screws

SAFETY FEATURE: In case of an emergency, unlock with ease by sliding a credit card under the teardrop to push it back into the unlocked position.

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