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Osmo Interior Extra Thin Wood Wax Oil Finish

Please note: Osmo Extra Thin Wood Wax Oil cannot be shipped to the greater Los Angeles area due to restrictions.


A clear, satinwood finish that combines all the advantages of oils and waxes in one unique product. Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin is resistant to water and dirt, is very durable, and smooths wood surfaces. In comparison to other wood finishes, the natural vegetable oils and waxes allow for an even coloring and a harmonic, smooth surface result.



Wooden surfaces to be treated with Osmo Wood Wax Finish 1101 must be clean and dry with a moisture content of no more than 20%. Because dense exotic hardwoods tend to be oily in nature, we recommend that surfaces to be oiled are de-greased with white spirit and a lint-free cloth prior to application to help with the absorption.

  • Clean or lightly sand old microporous (oiled) finishes
  • Varnishes and other surface coatings must be fully removed back to bare wood before application
  • Small cracks, larger dents and small holes in the wood should be filled with a suitable wood filler
  • Sand carefully before application starting with a coarse paper – final sanding for flooring should be with a P120 – P150 grit paper, for furniture P220 – P240 grit paper
  • Remove all traces of sanding dust with a brush or vacuum cleaner prior to application




Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the tin at all times. This product can be brushed, wiped, dipped or spray applied.

  1. Stir Osmo Wood Wax Finish thoroughly before and periodically during application
  2. Apply the 1st coat thinly and evenly along the grain with an Osmo Brush or lint-free cotton cloth
  3. Allow to dry for 30 minutes, then remove any surplus oil with a clean cloth
  4. Allow 12 hours for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat in the same way as the first
  5. Apply a second coat as above if required

Recommended number of coats: 1 coat for furniture / 2 coats for flooring.




Regular Cleaning

Surfaces treated with Osmo Wood Wax Finish Extra Thin should be dry wiped from time to time with a soft, lint-free cloth. To remove day to day, dust, dirt, scuffs and light marks use Osmo Spray Cleaner.

Alternatively, surfaces can be cleaned at regular intervals with Osmo Wash and Care.

Deep Cleaning

For more stubborn marks, light scratches or if the surface is starting to look tired or worn, an application of Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner may be required. For intensive cleaning, without sanding, use Osmo Intensive Cleaner.


For renovation of previously oiled surfaces, apply 1 thin coat of Osmo Wood Wax Finish Extra Thin to clean, dry surfaces – no sanding required.

Additional Information


Application Temp.+5°C to 35°C
Approx. Coverage20m²/L (215ft²/L) with one coat
Approx. Dry Time12hrs.
Number of Coats1 or 2 coats
Sizes750mL, Sample Sachet (5mL)


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