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Japanese-Inspired Shou Sugi Ban Style Barn Door

Inspired by centuries of Japanese craftsmanship, meet our new Shou Sugi Ban Barn Door. This door is crafted from Cedar that has been burned and brushed to reveal a stunning tiger-striped pattern and raised texture. The people of Western Japan have used Shou Sugi Ban wood for centuries as exterior siding. We’re bringing it indoors in our most popular barn door design variations to give your space an utterly unique feel. It’s a door you can’t find anywhere else. 

Plants 25 trees You can track your impact after purchase.

Our Shou Sugi Ban Barn Door was inspired by the Japanese product Shou Sugi Ban. This product, also called Yakisgui, has been used for at least four hundred years, particularly in Western Japan. 


In the traditional method, Cypress planks are subjected to a hot, fast burn before quenching with water and attaching to the exterior of a house. The hot, fast burn preserves the wood, protecting it from insects, rot, and fire. It also provides a distinctive alligator-skin texture. These Yakisugi planks do not need maintenance and last an average of eighty years.  


At RealCraft, we brush off the loose char to make our Shou Sugi Ban barn doors appropriate for interior applications. The brushing process creates a variety of textures and colors. The hard grain is black, while the soft grain is lighter. The hard grain stays raised, and the soft grain is recessed, resulting in a varied texture that’s unique to the touch. The irregular patterns and wood grain are astonishing. 


As an extra touch, we burn both sides of the plank, which is not part of the traditional method but prevents the wood from warping. We also use a blowtorch instead of the conventional open flame for more control and precision. And we apply a clear hardwax oil finish to the brushed wood for added shine, protection, and longevity. So while the Japanese tradition inspired us, we have adapted the process for our local environment and our product’s intended use.  


Each plank is burned evenly on both sides before being brushed by hand to reveal the beauty that only fire can impart. The Shou Sugi Ban barn door is made for those who want to make a statement in their home. 


Since Japanese Cypress is hard to come by, we opted for Cedar, a relative of Cypress with similar properties.


Choose from a variety of brace styles or leave the door sleek and simple with the plain plank style. This door design is ideal for residential and commercial projects and is incredibly well suited to the following décor styles: 

  • Japanese minimalism 
  • Rustic 
  • Japandi
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Transitional 
  • Modern

The Shou Sugi Ban Barn Door is only available in Cedar because it is the closest species to the traditional Japanese Cypress. We offer four incredible wood finishes:  


Clear Matte: A natural, completely clear option showcasing the wood's beauty. Ideal if you want the most traditional Shou Sugi Ban look.  


Gentian Blue: A rich cerulean blue for a bold, completely distinctive final look. Gentian Blue pairs beautifully with the charred stripes in the wood and contrasts with Cedar's warm undertones. Amplifies Shou Sugi Ban's raised texture. No one else you know will have a door like this!  


White: A sheer white finish designed to create more contrast between the burned and brushed sections. White is lighter and brighter than Clear Matte or Silk Gray while still highlighting Shou Sugi Ban's characteristic pattern. 


Silk Gray: A subtle wash of gray that provides a more tonal look. Cool, sophisticated, and extremely versatile. 


Please note that Shou Sugi Ban planks have some natural variation in color because of the grain pattern. Planks with straighter, smaller grain patterns will typically be slightly darker than wavy grain patterns.


For help ordering a barn door, click here.  


The Shou Sugi Ban door is only available in Cedar wood and in the Pre-Assembled option. 


Please note that the Shou Sugi Ban barn door is not compatible with flush pulls. 


Please note that all barn doors will ship separately from sliding hardware when purchased together. Doors are pictured with hardware for context. Sliding hardware is sold separately, and not included with the purchase of a door. Doors will not be pre-drilled for hardware. If you order a door and a hardware kit, we are unable to ship hardware installed on doors due to the risk of shipping damage. 


We designed these doors with interior applications in mind. We don't recommend exterior use, and can't guarantee against warping or damage if you install your door outside. To have this door specially crafted for exterior use, call us at (253) 853-3815and we will be happy to help! 


If you need more than 10 doors, or if your project requires special consideration, please call (253) 853-3815. We'd be happy to help! 


When choosing a sliding barn door size, we recommend that the door overlaps the doorway slightly to minimize gaps. An inch of overlap on each side is a good rule for barn doors. In this case, a 36” x 80” doorway would need a 38” x 81” sliding barn door. 


We offer the most common sliding barn door sizes online, but we are able to make doors in any size you need. Please call our team at  

(253) 853-3815 for custom door options. 



A Unique Process


Shou Sugi Ban Coaster set by RealCraft

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