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Ponderosa Pine Reclaimed Wood Wall

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RealCraft is proud to announce our newest product: Bandsawn Reclaimed Ponderosa Pine Wood Feature Walls. Add warmth and comfort to your home with the organic touch of real, solid wood. Each piece of this natural, reclaimed pine tells a unique story and will be the first thing you and your house guests notice when entering your home. The panels are sent in random lengths; in widths of three, five, and seven inches; and are 5/8" thick.


 Panels are sold in kits of 15 square feet. Please note that at this time, there is a minimum order of 30 square feet per purchase. *Free standard shipping within the contiguous United States. Ships 1-2 weeks from order date. For bulk purchasing, please contact our sales staff at 1-800-694-5977.



Installation of your Reclaimed Ponderosa Pine Wood Feature Wall is fast and simple! You'll need to measure the width and height of your wall/ceiling, then cut custom lengths from the panels to cover the desired area. After that, find the studs (or joist for ceiling mounted applications) in the wall and simply pin the panels along the studs/joist. That's it! 

Take a look at a Customer's Reclaimed Wood Wall Installation process

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