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    Is it a good idea to buy clearance doors and barn doors hardware?

    Absolutely! All our barn doors and barn doors hardware on sale have RealCraft's quality seal. It means that they went through all the steps to ensure they are functional and beautiful.

    The doors available are suitable for indoor and outdoor projects and are perfect for entry doors, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, or any other living space!


    Why are these barn doors on sale?

    Even though these barn doors are beautiful and functional, they did not match what was expected by the final customer. Maybe the barn doors are a couple of inches longer or shorter than anticipated, or maybe they ended up with some scratches, or even the order was canceled. The point is: the doors are still a piece of art and will definitely meet your project (and budget) expectations.


    Benefits of imperfect barn doors

    Imperfect barn doors are cheaper than creating a door from scratch

    All doors on sale are ready to ship, so they will get for you FASTER!


    Things to note when buying clearance products:

    Carefully look at the product's description, especially these specifications:

    1. Wood Specie
    2. door dimensions (width, height, and thickness)
    3. door finishes
    4. Product description

    *Please note that the doors do not include hardware, handles, or accessories unless otherwise specified. So make sure to take a look at our barn door hardware and accessories pages.

    Look at the images and make sure the door is what you are looking for and meet your standards. 


    How much time a got to enjoy this barn door sale?

    While supplies last. You better run!


    Got a question? We got an answer.

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