CS Cavity Slider™ Pocket Door Frame Kitset



The Pocket Door Hardware Frame Kit is a complete pocket door system! Designed with quality in mind & superior in terms of strength, rigidity and reduced installation time. This ready-to-install pocket door frame saves you time and money. Just slide this pocket frame into an opening, and add your door!

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The CS Cavity Slider™ is a practical solution for those areas where there is not enough space for a swinging door. Unlike other pocket systems, the CS Cavity Slider™ is structurally robust due to its construction from aluminum extrusions.

This product is supplied as a kitset and is easy to assemble and install. The pocket frame accommodates 1-3/8” and 1-3/4” doors (35mm and 44.5mm) up to 4’0” x 8’0” (1220 x 2438mm) and can be cut down to size on site.

The CS Cavity Slider™ is suitable for residential and commercial projects as it meets Type 1 construction code without any combustible materials. In addition to its space-saving attributes in restrooms, hallways, and laundries, it can be used with confidence for architectural feature openings around your project.