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Pocket Door Hardware Frame Kit


The Pocket Door Hardware Frame Kit is a complete pocket door system! It is designed with quality in mind to overcome the traditional issues with pocket doors. This pocket door hardware kit is superior to a standard pocket in terms of strength, rigidity and reduced installation time. A ready-to-install pocket door frame saves you time and money, negating the need to have a contractor install framing directly into the wall on site. Just slide this pocket frame into an opening, and add your door!

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Browse our sliding pocket doors here. RealCraft Pocket Door Hardware is the perfect solution for a tight space. In cases where a swinging door might not be ideal for a room's layout, pocket doors are a great alternative.


What makes our Pocket Frame Kit so amazing? We’re glad you asked! All Pocket Frame Kit are made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and come ready to assemble right out of the box. Pocket Frame Kits are also paired with industry-leading trolleys that can easily carry solid doors up to 500lb. The secret behind this is our high performance, large-diameter nylon wheels, and precision ground bearings which guarantee smooth running for years to come. Our trolleys also utilize a quick release top plate and self-centering door bolt, so you can ensure your door hangs plumb.


  • High quality, heavy-duty extruded aluminum tracks
  • Track is notched for simple trolley insertion
  • Large diameter, high-performance nylon wheels with precision ground bearings
  • Self-centering door bolt to ensure door hangs plumb
  • Quick-release top plate
  • Suitable for doors 1-3/8" 
  • All pocket doors measure at 80" Tall Doors


*Free standard shipping within the contiguous United States. In-stock items ship in 1-3 business days. Most orders ship the same day if ordered by 12 PM Pacific Time.


The pocket frame does NOT include door. Pocket frames are designed for 1-1/2" thick doors. For custom sizes, please call 1.800.694.5977

RealCraft is proud to have partnered with Cavity Sliders of New Zealand to offer the highest quality frame for pocket doors.

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