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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

A Day In The Life With Craftsman Sam

a picture of Sam, who is smiling and wearing glasses

Recently we followed craftsman Sam around an average day in his life. Sam is our ray of sunshine: he smiles easily and has a lighthearted outlook on life. His primary role here at RealCraft is in finishing--he puts the final touches on our Pro doors, exterior doors, and custom doors. On this day he was placing glass panels in a set of Sapele Mahogany carriage doors. 

What's surprising about watching Sam work is how his demeanor changes, from sunny and affable to purposeful and serious. "This is a repetitive process," he told us, by way of apology--he assumed we wouldn't want to film something so rote. But he never seemed bored. Instead, every measure, cut, and glue had his full attention. In this flow state, he became absorbed with small details. And he had to do every step between 12 and 48 times, so that's really saying something. The only time his head was turned was to stop and take a break to eat some candy. (He has a sweet tooth, but don't we all?!)

The other thing we noticed about Sam is what a careful listener he is. While Jim, Ryan, and Don were troubleshooting some issues with door hardware, Sam listened intently, asking clarifying questions and turning over the flawed hardware piece in his hands. He's been doing this job for four years, but he still has an attitude of wanting to learn as much as he can about his craft. In a job like this one, there is always more to learn.

Sam is looking at shop drawings and making notes.

Our day with Sam reminded us that even the repetitive parts of our day-to-day lives can be replete with meaning and intention. He compels us to look for the sublime in the ordinary. For Sam, this isn't just a job. It's his passion. Learn more about Sam below: 

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