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Sliding Door Locks, Barn Door Locks & Pocket Door Locks

Premium Quality Pocket Door Locks & Pocket Door Handles

Pocket doors offer a space-saving solution for areas without enough clearance for a swinging door. If you’re looking to install a pocket door kit, or to retrofit hardware on an existing pocket door, you’ll need to consider the pocket door hardware carefully. Pocket door hardware is different from traditional swinging door hardware and sliding door hardware, because of the differences in how the door operates. But no matter your needs, we have a pocket door handle that’s right for you. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a handle for pocket doors.

Choosing The Right Lock For A Pocket Door

There are multiple types of pocket door locking hardware. Pocket door locks are also called privacy locks. Let’s look at the versions we offer:

  • Key Pocket Door Locks: Pocket door locksets with keys are optimal for both residential and commercial spaces requiring medium-level security. You can choose from locksets with keys on both sides of the door, or on one side.
  • Latching Pocket Door Locks: Latching pocket door locks are simple to operate, with a snib you push down or twist to engage the lock. Some of our latching pocket door lock sets are magnetic, meaning that a magnet engages the latch automatically when you close the door. These locks come with an emergency unlock feature on the opposite side of the door from the lock itself. Magnetic pocket door pull handles are also available in bi-parting configurations, with the magnetic action engaging between the two doors to keep them closed.
  • Commercial Grade Pocket Door Locks: What differentiates these lock sets from the others is their intended use: in commercial spaces (think of spaces like businesses and healthcare facilities). These options have a more commercial look to them, and they are robust and strong. The commercial grade locks for pocket doors we offer are both ADA-compliant. They feature locking mechanisms and levers that can be operated without needing to pinch, grasp, or twist the wrist. Our ADA-compliant options make commercial spaces more accessible for everyone!

Choosing Handles For Pocket Doors

You may choose pocket door hardware that does not have a lock—these are called passage pocket door handles. These handles are ideal for areas where you don’t need privacy, like laundry rooms, mud rooms, pantries, and storage closets. We have two passage style handles available: edge pull, or flush pull.

Edge pulls are handles that can be engaged from the edge of the door when the door is fully inserted in the wall. This is opposed to other pocket door handles, which affix to the face of the door. Edge pulls are a truly modern pocket door handle, with a sleek look.

Flush pulls are installed on the face of the pocket door and as the name suggests sit flush with the door so it can slide into the wall without resistance. Many people combine an edge pull and a flush pull together. Flush pulls are understated, and most pocket door lock sets come in the flush pull format.

For those who don’t need the door to open all the way, or for those with accessibility concerns, there are also lever handles for pocket doors. These stick out from the door just like the handles on traditional swinging or sliding doors. This prevents the door from closing completely, and cuts into the clearance of the door by a few inches. However, they are easier to operate for many people, so that tradeoff is often worth it. Lever pocket door handles are also a good option for doors that children access often—because the door can’t slide all the way into the pocket, you don’t have to worry about pinched fingers.

You’ll want to choose a hardware finish that coordinates with your space overall, and many of our handles are available in multiple colors. From sleek chrome to satin nickel to dark bronze, we have options! However, some of our commercial grade pocket door handles and locksets are available only in stainless steel.