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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

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Barn Style Swinging Doors

Artisan Crafted Interior Swing Doors

While we’re big fans of sliding barn doors, there’s a time and a place for an interior swinging door. Swinging doors create more of a sound seal than sliding doors, so they’re optimal for spaces where privacy is important (like bedrooms and bathrooms). Swinging wood doors are traditional and don’t require wall space for hardware. But just because they’re the old-fashioned, traditional option, that doesn’t mean swinging doors have to be boring. Just like barn doors, interior swinging doors can be a piece of moving artwork or a focal point of a room.

How do I figure out inswing/outswing?

Inswing and outswing refers to the room the door is guarding. So if you are standing in your bedroom, and you want the door to swing into the bedroom, then it is an "in" swing door. Likewise, if you are standing in your bedroom and you decide you want the door to swing out into the hallway, then it is an "out" swinging door.

How do I determine door handing?

Stand in the door opening with your back to where the hinges will be. Then pretend that either arm is the door. If you want the door to swing to your right hand side from that position, then it is a right hand swing door. If you want the door to swing to your left, then it is a left hand swing door.

If you are not sure about this, please give us a call before making your order, as we can walk you through it over the phone to make sure it’s right.

RealCraft's Swinging Door Designs

We make many swinging and sliding doors with the same basic design. This gives you the chance to coordinate your home’s look regardless of each door’s operation. We started making interior swing doors because customers kept asking if they could make our sliding doors into swinging doors, and we believe in giving the people what they want! While most interior doors tend to be rather plain, we’ve incorporated all kinds of unique designs into our interior swinging door collection, including:

  • Mid Century Modern doors with glass panels
  • Four and five panel doors
  • Chevron style doors
  • Doors with chalkboards
  • Mirrored doors
  • French style doors with genuine leaded glass panels
  • Craftsman style windows with glass panels
  • Butcher block style doors

With RealCraft’s interior swing doors, you can design a home that’s unique and distinctive. We offer our swinging doors in twenty wood options, including customer favorites like American Ash, White Oak, Sapele Mahogany, and Premium Walnut. We also offer rare and exotic woods including Padauk, Wenge, Afromosia, and Zebrawood for a high-end, luxe final look.