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Box Rail Interior & Exterior Heavy Duty Sliding Door Hardware









Heavy Duty, Exterior Grade, Bipart & Bypass Sliding Door Hardware


Crafted specially for interior & exterior, heavy duty, industrial, biparting & bypass barn door hardware solutions, RealCraft's line of Box Rail Sliding Hardware sets the industry standard by starting with better raw material, adding precision machining, and offering more flexibility to the install process. But the secret is all in the trolleys! The level of precision & craftsmanship that goes into our box rail trolleys is unmatched. Each one is manufactured from 303-grade stainless steel, then outfitted with durable high-density polymer wheels to ensure years of smooth operation and dependability. Reach out at 1-800-694-5977 with any questions.


What is box rail sliding barn door hardware?


Box rail sliding door hardware is a system where the track is mounted over an opening. Hangers are attached to door panels, and the trolleys ride in an enclosed track. The track itself is attached with brackets to either the ceiling or the wall. As the door(s) are only supported by the track system, box rail sliding hardware is designed to be extremely robust.


Why should you choose box rail heavy duty sliding door hardware?


Box rail hardware has several advantages compared to other barn door hardware kits, stemming from the fact that the moving parts of the track are enclosed and protected:


  • Low maintenance: flat track hardware and most other sliding hardware for barn doors have exposed moving parts. This adds design interest, but also means that with exposure to dirt and dust, the moving parts don’t roll as smoothly over time compared to box rail. Flat track requires occasional maintenance, to keep the track clear of dirt, dust, and other debris. Since the box rail covers up the trolleys, you don’t need to worry about maintaining the moving parts of the track.
  • Smooth rolling: among your different sliding barn door hardware options, box rail ranks near the top in terms of how smooth it rolls.
  • Shows off the door itself: Because the hangers attach to the top of the door, you don’t have to drill into the face of the door like you do with other types of sliding door hardware. This means that you can let the door be the focal point—ideal if you have a beautiful custom door that you can’t imagine obscuring with hanger straps.
  • Suitable for exterior applications: because the moving parts are concealed within the track, this protects them from the elements. This prevents rust and corrosion. So box rail, in weatherproof metal finishes, is ideal for exterior barn door hardware applications.
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications: box rail hardware offers more rigid operations than other types of sliding hardware, making them suitable for heavy and industrial style barn doors. Our rails come in two weight ratings: 400lb and 600lb (per pair of trolleys) and both include light & heavy duty bypass barn door hardware varieties.


What makes our heavy duty sliding door hardware different?


We make our trolleys out of stainless steel and use high quality polymer wheels that roll very quiet. We make our trolleys to last.


The box rail itself is built differently. Rather than extrude the metal through a die, we have our box rail sliding door track bent individually to our specifications. This results in more crisp corners, and a smoother operation. Our box rail is so easy to operate that you can push even the heaviest doors open with a finger making it an ideal heavy duty sliding door track hardware kit.


We include a pair of end stops with every kit, so that your door doesn't roll out of the end of the rail. We also include an end cover for the rail ends for a crisp final look. Should you choose the soffit mount option, we’ve optimized our brackets for an easy installation process.


What applications is box rail barn door hardware best for? Can it be used for exterior barn door sliding hardware?


One of the best things about box rail hardware is its versatility. You can use it in so many different applications. Box rail was originally designed as exterior sliding barndoor hardware, and it’s still ideal for exterior applications. It will stand up to the elements beautifully over time. It’s optimal for heavier doors because of its robust weight rating, which makes box rail hardware good for very large doors used in barns and industrial spaces, for instance. And it lends an industrial look to interior spaces. For interior applications, we also like that box rail hardware is low-profile, making it ideal for applications where there isn’t a lot of space between the door opening and the ceiling. Here are just some applications you can use box rail for:


  • At home: Garage, kitchen, office, bedroom, and closet doors.
  • Museums: partition doors and gallery doors
  • Retail stores and boutiques
  • Event spaces, including wedding venues
  • Industrial applications in manufacturing and agriculture
  • Security gates
  • Stables, barns, and horse stalls


How do I measure for box rail sliding barn door hardware?


The same general principles for sliding barn door hardware apply to box rail hardware. Our general guideline is to double the width of the sliding door and adding four to six inches to that number to calculate minimum track length. The extra inches are there because you will need a couple of extra inches at the ends of the track in order for the door(s) to move. Make sure that there’s enough room on either side of the door opening for the track. When you’ve calculated your initial minimum track length measurement, mark the wall with where the ends of the track would go to make sure it fits. You should also measure the distance between the studs on the wall. Finally, you should also measure the distance from the top of the door frame to the ceiling. That way you’ll know if the box rail track will fit in that space.


We always recommend having someone help you with measurement—you really can’t be too careful when it comes to measuring for doors and hardware! It’s also worth it to ask a contractor for help before you place an order—the wrong measurement can lead to many headaches. Avoid the hassle with professional help.


Can you cut box rail sliding door hardware to custom lengths?


Yes, you can cut box rail hardware to custom lengths. Our box rail is available in multiple standard sizes, including 6, 8, and 10 foot rails, and longer rails will come in two or more pieces. Rail lengths over 10ft will come in multiple pieces that can be assembled on site and easily cut down for specific needs.

What finishes are available for box rail hardware?


For this product line we prioritized metal types and finishes that would stand up to the elements, as box rail is so often used for exterior applications.


  • Black, white, dark bronze: these finishes are all powder-coated galvanized steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Grade 303 Stainless Steel


Galvanized barn door hardware and stainless steel barn door hardware are perfect for exterior applications, but they also add an industrial look to an interior space. These finishes are ideal for industrial, minimalist, or contemporary design schemes. The powder coated steel finishes (black, white, and dark bronze) are versatile options for a variety of décor styles, including rustic, coastal, transitional, and more.


Choosing handles or door pulls for barn door hardware


  • Barn Door Pull: A barn door pull is a bar attached to a plate that gets attached to the door slab. It isn’t flush with the door, so it’s best for standard/bi-parting systems. We do not recommend barn door pulls for bypass systems. There are many different designs available for barn door pull handles. We have rustic options like the Hand-forged Diamond Angled Barn DoorHandle, sleek modern designs like the Swiss Rod Barn Door Handle, or traditional options like the Bronze Offset Barn Door Handle.
  • Flush Pull: Flush pull handles are flush with the door for smooth operation. This style of barn door hardware is ideal for bypassing configurations or for the back side of the door on standard or bi-parting systems. Choose from options like the Solid Bronze Flush Sliding Door Pull or more modern designs like the Skyrise Stainless Steel Flush Sliding and Pocket Door Pull.
  • Rustic Ring Pull: This design is for you if you want something truly rustic for your barn door pull. The design is straightforward: a metal ring attaches to a metal plate. All of our ring pulls are hand-forged here in Gig Harbor by a local blacksmith for an authentic, artisanal look. We have arched, diamond, or square plates to choose from.


Choosing a floor guide to go with your box rail hardware


You may wonder, why do I need a floor guide for my barn doors? But floor guides perform a crucial function: they keep the door(s) in line with the track above. While box rail offers more stability than many other types of sliding barn door hardware, a floor guide ensures smooth operation and holds the door(s) in the right place whether open or closed. We have four types of floor guides to choose from.


  • T guide: our default floor guide is made for barn doors with a corresponding slot in the bottom of the door. T guides are attached to the floor and are super low-profile—when in use they are nearly invisible! We also have an adjustable option.
  • C guide: the C guide attaches to the floor and does not require a slot in the door. We have standard C guides or an adjustable version that works for doors 1 inch thick or larger. The C guide is a customer favorite because of its sleek look and low profile design.
  • Wall-mounted roller guide: the wall-mounted roller guide is best for situations where you either can’t or don’t want to drill into the floor for a floor guide. It attaches to the wall, making it ideal for spaces with concrete floors or other materials that can’t be drilled into. Or if you simply don’t want to drill into the floor, the wall-mounted roller guide is the perfect companion piece for our sliding door hardware.
  • Industrial heavy duty floor guide: If your box rail hardware is meant for an extra-large door, this is the floor guide for you. It does not have a door thickness limit, unlike the other floor guides, and it’s built to withstand the elements. It’s available in stainless steel or black-coated galvanized steel, with a black nylon wheel. The industrial heavy duty floor guide is an excellent choice for large doors, or as a companion for exterior barn door hardware.


What door configurations are possible with box rail hardware?


There are three door configurations possible with box rail hardware. Let’s go through them:


  1. Single barn door: A single door on a single rail, with a hanger at each end of the door. This is the most common configuration, and is a great way to create more space in narrow hallways pr beautify utility rooms (like mudrooms and laundry rooms). Single barn doors are often used for bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices.
  2. Bi-parting barn doors: A single rail with two doors that meet in the middle of the door opening when closed. Four hangers total are used, two for each door. Bi-parting doors are ideal for larger door openings, like those between living rooms and dining rooms, or for patios. But with custom barn doors, you can also have two narrow bi-parting doors to cover a smaller opening, which can work for spaces where there isn’t enough room on either side of the door opening for a standard size door.
  3. Bypass barn doors: We offer double track bypass sliding barn door hardware kits to easily accomodate 2, 3, 4, or more doors. Double sliding barn doors pass in front of and behind each other as on two different, parallel rails. Each door requires two hangers, as in bi-parting barn door systems. This system can also be expanded to include more than two bypassing doors; a system with three or more doors is commonly called a “cascading” bypass system. Bypassing doors are useful for large door openings or closets. And because the doors stack on top of each other when open, they make for a double-door system with a smaller minimum track length compared to bi-parting doors.

Box Rail Sliding Hardware









Crafted specially for bypass barn door hardware solutions, RealCraft's line of Box Rail Sliding Hardware sets the industry standard by starting with better raw material, adding precision machining, and offering more flexibility to the install process. But the secret… is all in the trolleys. The level of craftsmanship that goes into our box rail trolleys is unmatched. Each one is manufactured from 303-grade stainless steel, then outfitted with durable high-density polymer wheels to ensure years of smooth operation and dependability. Reach out at 1-800-694-5977 with any questions.