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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

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Sliding Pocket Doors

Bespoke Pocket Doors 

Pocket doors slide in and out of a pocket in the wall. Originating from Victorian times, they’ve lately made a comeback because of their space saving advantages. Considering a pocket door system in your home? Here are seven benefits of this unique door configuration. 

Seven Benefits of RealCraft Pocket Doors 

Save Space 

  • Pocket doors slide into a “pocket” in the wall, eliminating the clearance required for a swinging door. Open up smaller rooms or narrow hallways where a swinging door would get in the way and make your home more comfortable. 

A Customized Aesthetic 

  • Whether your home is a hundred years old or a new build, pocket doors work in any décor or architectural style. Take pride in having a stylish and updated space that can’t be replicated by big box stores. 



  • Switch between openness and privacy in a way that’s completely seamless. Pocket doors give you the flexibility to adapt spaces as needed. 


Increased Property Value 

  • If you’re a homeowner, the possibility of resale is always in the back of your mind. An accessibility-enhancing feature like a pocket door increases the perceived value of your home. You can feel satisfied in your investment, both now and in the future. 



  • If anyone in your home uses mobility aids, or experiences trouble with operating swinging doors, pocket doors can be an accessible alternative. Experience the ease and comfort of a door that truly gets out of the way when you need it to. 

Enhanced Safety 

  • Never worry about your kids’ fingers getting pinched in the door again. Pocket doors are safer than swinging doors for little hands (and pets too). 


Unrivaled Design Freedom 

  • Our pocket doors come in a variety of designs and wood species options, allowing you to choose one that fits their design vision perfectly. Each door is made to order based on your unique needs. Add hardware from our extensive collection for an even more custom look, and delight in an even more personalized space. 

Your Guide to Pocket Door Hardware 

A pocket door requires specialized hardware. That’s why we partner with New Zealand-based Cavity Sliders to bring you the best in pocket door hardware. From adjustable frame kits (made with premium extruded aluminum) to low-profile ceiling track systems, we can help you create a pocket door system that’s dependable and smooth. 


Pocket Door Frame Kits 

We offer two Pocket Door Frame Kits, our best-selling standard kit and the Ultimate kit. What’s the difference? While both kits are made out of high quality aluminum, which makes them more durable than wood pocket door frames, the Ultimate kit has expanded sizing and weight ratings. If your pocket door is extra large or heavy, then the Ultimate kit is for you. Both kits can be cut to size on site if needed. 


Pocket Door Tracks 

High quality pocket door tracks are key to a smooth and reliable system. We have low-profile tracks as well as flush-mounted tracks that are concealed in the ceiling. And if your door is quite heavy, we have a heavy duty track system too. 


Handles for Pocket Doors 

We offer a multitude of options for pocket door handles, because every homeowner’s needs are unique. You may simply want a flush pull handle, which is mortised into the face of the door, for a low-profile look. Or you may opt for a mounted pull handle in a rustic, traditional, or modern style. 


Pocket Door Locks 

We have both privacy locks and key locks for pocket doors, so your door system is secure. These locksets are ideal for commercial applications, public restrooms, clinics, office buildings, and more. 


ADA Pocket Door Handles 

One of the chief advantages of a pocket door system? They can be made more accessible than swinging doors for people who use mobility aids. Swinging doors can be challenging to navigate. The sliding function of a pocket door helps with that. Plus, our collection of ADA pocket door locks and handles don’t require grasping, pinching, or twisting the wrist. Pocket doors with ADA hardware improve access for everyone and create a more welcoming atmosphere, wherever you use them. 


Pocket Door FAQs 

What makes RealCraft pocket doors stand out from the rest? 

RealCraft pocket doors have unparalleled customization options and an array of unique, exclusive designs. We believe every door is an opportunity to be creative, so we have doors that are just as beautiful as they are useful. Each pocket door is built to order by our skilled artisans, who use time-honored techniques to make sure your doors last. 

Can pocket door frames be cut down? 

Yes! Both our pocket door frame kits can be cut down on site. 

Can pocket doors be soundproof? 

While pocket doors offer more sound sealing than barn doors, they aren’t as sound-proof as swinging doors. But since our pocket doors are built with solid wood, they block sound better than hollow-core doors. 

Do pocket doors really save space?  

Yes! On average, pocket doors save six square feet of floor space that a swinging door would take up. They also save wall space compared to barn doors. If space is limited, a pocket door can help.  

Do you need a special door for a pocket door? 

No, pocket doors can be standard size interior doors and don’t require unusual specifications. 

Can you put a pocket door anywhere? 

You can put a pocket door in most places, but they can’t go in walls with electrical wiring. They also aren’t optimal for load-bearing walls. That’s why you should consult with a contractor or architect before installing a pocket door. 

Do pocket doors lock? 

Yes! Contrary to popular belief, pocket doors lock. They can lock with keys or privacy-style latches. 

Are pocket doors accessible? 

Yes, and this is one of the best things about them. Pocket doors are typically easier for people who use mobility aids. Additionally, many pocket door handles and locks don’t require grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist, making them more accessible for everyone. 

Pocket door or barn door: which do I choose? 

Pocket doors and barn doors both slide, but they each have their own advantages. Pocket doors stay hidden (or mostly hidden) when open, while barn doors are always visible. Pocket doors have installation limitations since they go into the wall, whereas barn doors can be used anywhere that you have enough wall space. It depends on your style preferences, as barn doors have visible hardware that contribute to a rustic or modern farmhouse look.