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Butcher Block Countertops

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Introducing RealCraft's Butcher Block Countertops, a warmer alternative to cold stone surfaces. Pick from 18 beautiful wood species, two different construction styles, and seven gorgeous edge profiles! All of RealCraft's countertops are made with solid wood and handcrafted from start to finish.

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Butcher Block Countertops by RealCraft

Usually used in kitchen areas, Wood Butcher Block Countertops are a food-safe horizontal wood surface ideal for food handling and preparation. Unlike other solid counter surfaces, wood countertops keep your cutlery, especially knives, sharper for longer periods of time.

 Get inspired by these 20 beautiful countertop ideas!


A Wood Butcher Block Countertop is a very versatile surface and can be used for indoor and outdoor projects. From bathrooms to kitchen islands, to tabletops or even shelves, wood butcher block countertops can add different vibes to your environment. 


All of our solid wood butcher block countertops are unique and handcrafted specifically to fit your project's needs. Built with the best wood available, and made by hand in the state of Washington, RealCraft's wood butcher block countertops are made to last for years. For an extra layer of protection, we also offer a vast selection of wood finishes.


Customize Your Countertop

Different wood types can invoke luxurious and refined feeling as well as a rustic vibe to your kitchen countertop or butcher block island. We offer the most complete and vast selection of wood in the market for butcher block countertops. Our butcher block countertops are currently available on 22 wood species, including:


RealCraft Countertop Wood Species


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6 Reasons to LOVE  Butcher Block Countertops 

  • Eco-friendly
  • Usually a more cost-effective solution
  • Perfect for food handling and cooking
  • Easy to install
  • Highly customizable
  • Scratches are easily sand out


1. Eco-Friendly

Did you know that wood is one of the most renewable resources on the Planet? Different from other raw materials, wood products use far less water, energy, and carbon.

2. Usually a more cost-effective solution 

Differently from cold stones surfaces, wood butcher block countertops are a more inexpensive option that has the same basic features but with a warmer, more welcoming surface.


 3. Perfect for food handling and cooking 

Wood butcher block countertops are food-safe surfaces; thus, they are usually the go-to option for restaurant kitchen countertops and bakeries for food handling and preparation. They are warm, easy to clean, and add a charming, luxurious touch to your space. 


 4. Easy to Install

Seriously, wood butcher block countertops are way easier to install than stone blocks. Needless to say, wood butcher block countertops are lighter and easier to move around than marble or granite countertops.


 5. Highly Customizable 

Another advantage of wood butcher block countertops is that there are lot of options for customization. Our countertops are currently available in 18 wood species! You also have the option to pick the thickness/depth for your countertop. Another excellent customization option is the edges styles; edge style can add a lot of character to your piece, and the best part is that you can select different styles for all the edges! We currently have 5 edge styles available: chamfered edge, round over edge, roman ogee edge, small roman ogee edge, and bullnose edge.



6. Easy to Maintain

Unlike other countertop materials, wood countertops are very easy to maintain. Got a scratch? Just sand it out! Is the wood looking faded and opaque? Just add some wood finish, and it will look new again! But the most important steps to keep your wood countertop healthy are: cleaning it after every use and avoid overwetting and overheating the surface.


Frequently paired with barn doors,  wood butcher block countertops will bring your home or commercial project to the next level!


Butcher Block Countertop Manual


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