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Farmhouse Sliding Barn Doors

Farmhouse Sliding Barn Door Collection

What is farmhouse decor?

Farmhouse décor is all about cozy comfort. It’s a casual, welcoming décor style that’s super easy to achieve. Here are some major elements of farmhouse style:

  • Multiple, contrasting textures and materials—think burlap, chunky knits, linen, reclaimed wood, etc.
  • Furniture and wood products that look rustic, worn, or antique
  • Wood accents: Exposed beams, shiplap, pillars, hardwood floors
  • Apron Sinks
  • Open shelving
  • Simple, Shaker-style cabinets
  • Barn doors

Adding a rustic barn door to your space instantly gives it that farmhouse feeling. After all, barn doors were originally found on farms! Another advantage of a barn door is that it functions like a large piece of art, adding visual interest to a space. And rustic barn doors are a great solution for tight spaces where swinging doors take up too much floor space.

What are the different types of farmhouse decor?

French: Chandeliers, plastered walls, wrought iron, antique furniture, gilded frames, and textiles with floral motifs add a Provencal spin to the farmhouse style. A plank door with steel straps would be a great choice for this décor variation.

Boho: This décor style includes bright colors, patterned textiles, eclectic and globally-inspired accessories, and macrame and woven elements. Bohemian and farmhouse styles both feature lived-in, casual elements. A weathered barn door in a bright color is an excellent choice for this more colorful style. Or a Japanese-inspired Shou Sugi Ban Barn Door, which brings global influence and eye-catching texture.

Modern: this style is for people who like farmhouse but want something simpler and more sophisticated. It features a neutral, muted color scheme, and more contemporary, streamlined silhouettes. Think clean lines—in rustic, natural materials. Our vertical or horizontal plank barn doors were made with this style in mind. They offer an extremely simple look with just a hint of rustic flair. Pair them with our classic or Swiss Rod barn door hardware kits for a sleek final look.

Why is farmhouse décor popular?

Farmhouse décor is one of the most popular styles out there for young families. It offers a cozy, welcoming environment for families with kids and pets. Because so many elements of farmhouse are lived-in or rustic, it’s a much more forgiving design style. More austere styles like modern or minimalist also make the occasional clutter look really out of place. It’s much more demanding to keep a modern living room looking pristine. Whereas with farmhouse interiors, a pile of books or toys looks natural and less of an eyesore. Farmhouse décor offers practical solutions for young families, households with pets, or anyone who doesn’t want to spend their time re-arranging their throw pillows “just so.”

What makes a door a farmhouse door?

Details like wood type, brace style, and hardware all add up to create the finished look. Our weathered barn doors are popular choices for fans of farmhouse décor because the weathered, worn-in feeling works perfectly. Reclaimed wood barn doors are also incredibly popular, and they’re a super sustainable choice since they make use of wood that’s already been processed and used in a previous application. Our reclaimed wood comes from all over the country—from the Appalachian mountains to gentle Oregon valleys to the fog-shrouded coast of Northern California.

You can also choose a premium, exotic wood—like Wenge or Padauk—and render it in a Z brace barn door for an elevated take on farmhouse style. Any wood species takes on a farmhouse feeling in a design with a traditional X or Z brace style. Knotty Alder is our most popular choice for barn doors because it has a classically rustic look.

And our horseshoe or big wheel sliding hardware kits are both inspired by antique barn door hardware. Nothing says “rustic” quite like a horseshoe, right?! Our collection of hammered barn door pulls is the perfect finishing touch for your farmhouse barn door. Each one of our hammered barn door handles and pulls is hammered by hand, by a local master blacksmith. Choose from braided styles or the ever-popular ring pull.