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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

How RealCraft Observes Earth Day Year Round

It’s no secret that building with real, solid wood is an article of faith for us at RealCraft. It's so important to us that 'real' is in our name. We're so committed to this way of doing things because we know that real materials are key to making doors that last. Plus, real wood is just beautiful. Its natural grain patterns and color variations can't be replicated, and impart warmth and character to any home. 

And so our decision to use real wood comes from a desire to make things you can use for decades, reducing the number of doors you'll need to replace. 

However, we know that trees are a precious resource, and we take the health of forests very seriously. It wouldn’t feel right for us to use this resource without working to replenish it. That’s why we partner with Eden Reforestation Projects and Verdn to plant 25 new trees for every door we sell.

Eden Reforestation Projects work with local communities around the globe to reforest vulnerable areas with native trees.  


When you buy a RealCraft door, the Eden Reforestation Project will plant 25 mangrove trees on your behalf in either Madagascar, Mozambique, or Kenya. They partner with local communities and use an employ-to-plant methodology, which ensures that community members receive fair wages. To date, they've employed over 14,800 people across the world in reforestation projects. Here are the three countries where our reforesting projects take place: 

  • Madagascar: More than 90% of Madagascar's primary forests have been destroyed. It is high-priority to restore forests in Madagascar because of this island's biodiversity. 75% of Madagascar's plant and animal species are unique to Madagascar--meaning they only live there. The loss of mangrove trees along the island's coast has damaged local fisheries and made coastal communities more vulnerable to floods and tsunamis. Eden has planted over 700 million trees--but there's still a long way to go. 


  • Mozambique: More than 8 million hectares of forest have been destroyed in Mozambique--8 million hectares is about the size of Portugal! Replanting native trees helps protect against erosion and restore balance to local ecosystems. Eden has replanted 80 million trees here so far. 


  • Kenya: Long renowned for its wildlife, this country on the east coast of Africa has lost about 90% of its forests. Eden is active in 45 different project sites, and 50 million trees have been planted here since 2020. 

The tree planting is facilitated and tracked by Verdn, and executed by Eden Reforestation Projects. When you buy a door from us, you'll receive an email from Verdn that confirms your involvement. Then you'll receive periodic updates as the tree planting project goes through. You’ll see your project and track your impact from start to finish—where the trees are planted, when the replanting project starts, through to the final seedling. 

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