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Sliding Door Operation: Standard, Bi-part, Bypass, Pocket, and Wall-Mounted Explained

Sliding doors are an excellent space-saving option for homes and businesses. They have several helpful applications and will improve the functionality and aesthetics of many different spaces. 

One of the best parts about sliding doors is that there are several operation options to choose from. Each type of sliding door system has its unique advantages and use cases. With so many different options to choose from, it may be hard to find the right sliding door system for your space.

So, which sliding door system is best for you?

Today, we’ll take a look at the most popular sliding door systems, including the unique qualities and functions of each. 

Keep in mind: when you hear the term “sliding door system,” people are most likely referring to what style of barn door hardware kit you will need for your project.

Standard Sliding Door Operation 

Standard Sliding door operation


One of the most well-known sliding door systems is the Standard Barn Door System. In this system, the single barn door track is fixed to the ceiling or wall. The single door panel opens and closes by sliding from one side to the other. 

Standard Bar Door Systems are incredibly stylish and easy to operate. They’re often used in spaces without a lot of room for a traditional door, like more narrow hallways. They can also be used simply to add a pop of rustic style to nearly any space.

However, you must have adequate wall space around the entrance because the door will slide off to the side and in front of the wall when open. Keep in mind that for proper operation, the track system should be at least twice the size of the door’s width. Take a look at ourillustrated guide on how to measure for a barn door.

Bi-Part (double) Sliding Door Operation

Bi-part (double doors) sliding operation

TheBi-Part Sliding Door system (also known as double  doors system) is very similar to the Standard System. One or two door tracks are fixed to the wall or ceiling. Whether you need a single or double track depends on your door size and weight. However, instead of just one door, the Bi-Parting System has two door slabs. The door slabs hang on each side of the track. The doors close by sliding toward each other, and they open by sliding away from each other. 

Each door slab will open by sliding over the wall next to it, so you must also have adequate wall space.  Since there are two door slabs, the Bi-Part Door System makes more sense for a large opening like into a great room, master bedroom, living room, or office. In fact, one of the benefits of this type of door is that it can adequately cover large entrances. If you have a large doorway, a Bi-Parting Barn Door system can be a great option for improving the design and functionality of the space. 

Bi-Part Barn Door Systems also work as room dividers. Open floor plans are great, but it can be helpful to close off the area at certain times. Bi-Part Barn doors are an excellent choice for creating privacy between spaces and dividing a large room. 

Another great benefit of bi-parting barn door applications is that it allows you to operate only one door at a time if necessary, so you do not have to uncover the whole door opening all the time. 

The track system is easy to install, and these types of doors make a space look elegant and bold. Bi-Part Barn Door slabs come in a wide variety of looks and styles, ranging from the classic farmhouse look to metal, glass, and wood. You can also choose from several door handles, hardware styles, and finishes to get the perfect doors for your style. 

Bypass Sliding Door Operation

bypass sliding door operation

TheBypass Sliding Door System works a bit differently than the Standard or Bi-Part systems. For the other two systems, the door or doors do not overlap each other. In the Bypass system, the doors are set on two (or more) different tracks, so one is in front and one is behind. 

The doors in this system open and close by “bypassing” each other (sliding in front of each other) on their respective tracks. Therefore, the doors will not cover the wall next to the frame when opening. Because of this, Bypass Barn Door systems do not require nearly as much wall space near the frame.They are the ideal choice for areas of a home where the doorway is wide, but the wall space is small.

They can work well for closets, offices, sitting rooms, bathrooms, or other rooms without a lot of wall space around. For example, they can offer great privacy between the master bedroom and bathroom. They offer a unique, rustic aesthetic while giving even more privacy in your master suite. Likewise, they can increase the privacy options between the living room and dining room or any two rooms you can think of. 

Box Rail and Flat track bypass sliding hardware kits.

At RealCraft, you find two different styles of  bypassing sliding hardware, including Flat Track or Box Rail (perfect for exterior applications).

Pocket Door System

Pocket Door System

ThePocket Door System is similar to all the other door systems. However, instead of the door slabs sliding over the wall, they go inside a pocket in the wall. When the door is open, the slabs are hidden in the pocket and disappear from view! 

Pocket Door Systems are an excellent option for areas with limited space or areas in which a closed door is required only occasionally. They are also great for minimalist designs where a sliding door would be distracting in the decoration scheme.

Much like the other sliding door systems, pocket doors free up a lot of valuable floor space. They’re ideal for smaller rooms or tight hallways. When they slide into the wall cavity, they leave the corridor completely clear. Some of the best places to consider a Pocket Door System are:

  • En-suites
  • Bathroom
  • Storage areas in hallways
  • Walk-in closets
  • Pantries
  • Utility rooms
  • Small bedrooms

In addition to their functionality, Pocket Doors also add a stunning and modern design element for interiors and exteriors. They can help break off areas in an open floor plan and add an aesthetic, discreet  punch. 

Wall Mount Sliding Door System

Wall mount sliding door operation

Last, but certainly not least we have theWall Mounted Sliding Track System. This type of system is a  compact option designed for sliding door applications with tight clearances above the door. They are fairly easy to install on a standard wall. 

Bonus: Make the Installation Process Easier With The Easy Mount Track Header

Easy Mount Track Support Header

An Easy Mount Track Header (Ledger Board) is a custom-cut and custom-finished slab of wood prepared for your specific specifications and door dimensions.

The use of a Ledger Board is highly recommended for all barn door installations where there is no wood blocking on the wall

Note: The Easy Mount Track Header is only compatible with RealCraft's Sliding Hardware Kits .

Shop for Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding door systems save space and add a unique design element to your space. The different types of sliding doors above are optimal for different rooms, spacing, and design preferences. With RealCraft, you can find the perfect sliding door hardware for your home or business. We also offer a wide selection of high-qualitypocket doors,sliding barn doors,swinging doors, andfrench doors.  

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Jenny Zheng

Jenny Zheng

November 28, 2023

Hi, I am renovating my home, I liek to find out more infos about your doors.


Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson

November 28, 2023

The bottom of header is 81" above finish floor & the top of header is 88" above finish floor, the doors are standard height of 80" , the unit will be wall mounted on header

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson

November 28, 2023

hello sir , we are looking for a bi pass double door box rail system in a satin finish 8-10ft length with (4) floor guides < cost is a factor

Jeff pery

Jeff pery

April 07, 2023

What is required height from top of door to ceiling on your bypass track ?

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