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Barn Door Handles & Pulls


About barn door handles and pulls

Barn Door handles and pulls are a mechanism attached to a door that assists you in opening and closing asliding barn door

More than just a practical mechanism for your door, barn door pull and handles can also become a beautiful addition to your home decoration or commercial decoration. 

Barn door handles and pulls are highly customizable door accessory, and you can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and shapes. Handles and pulls can be made from a variety of materials such as bronze, brass, aluminum, wood, glass, or stainless steel, to name a few. You can pick a standard style like vertical bars or rings to more detailed, personalized options such as sculptures or complex geometric shapes.

Do I need a barn door handle or pulls?

It depends on your project. But you will likely want one to at least add more character to your door! Door handles and pulls can add an extra touch to your interior door, exterior door, pocket door, closet door, or even a cabinet door!

In some cases, if you have a small, light door, you might not need a handle or pull, you can simply slide the door on the barn door hardware track using your hands. Or if your home improvement project includes a large, heavy door, you might need a handle to assist you to open the door more easily.

How do I choose my barn door handle or pull?

For de design, you can pick pretty much anything that you like and sparks joy in you! But there are some aspects that you have to pay attention to before selecting your pull handle. 

We currently offer three styles of door handles and pulls:

  • Flush pulls
  • Pull handles
  • Ring pulls

  • Flush pulls 

    Flush pulls are mount flushed into the door, so the pull is close to the door surface level (depth). Flush door pulls are perfect for pocket doors, shutter door systems, and bypassing door systems. 

    Pull handles

    Barn door pull handles are perfect for single and bi-parting door systems. Pull handles are attached to the surface of the door slab and are more elevated than the door panel surface.

    Ring Pulls

    Sliding barn door ring pulls consist of a ring attached to a matching plate that is then attached to the door. In most cases, barn door ring pulls are suitable for all door systems as the ring is close to the door panel surface level. This style adds a lot of character to a door and can invoke a classic, vintage vibe to your space. We currently offer a beautiful,hand-forged ring pulls for an even more rustic look.


    Door system

    Your sliding barn door system is an essential factor to consider when purchasing your handles. The most popular door systems are:

    1. Standard barn Door System
    2. Bi-Parting Door System
    3. Bypass System
    4. Pocket Doors

    Standard Barn Door System

    The standard barn door system consists of a single track attached to the wall or ceiling and only one door panel (slab) opens by sliding side to size.

    For this system, if your door closes parallel with the wall, you will likely want only a single handle in one of the sides and a flush for the opposite side to prevent one of the pull handles from crashing into the wall. If you desire handles on both sides of the door, a good option is adding anadjustable end stop to your track. The adjustable end stop will let you set your door to stop at a specific spot on the track, thus preventing the handle from crashing into the wall.

    Bi-Parting Door System

    Like the standard system, the bi-parting operates by a single track attached to the wall, but the difference is that there are two door panels that open in opposite directions. Like in the standard system, this system has the same considerations: if the door opens parallel to the wall, a handle on just one side might be the ideal solution.

    Bypass System

    Opposite to the other two systems, the bypass system operates with two or more tracks and doors, and each door has its own track. In the bypass system, the sliding doors open and close in front of each other. Flush pulls are usually the best option for this setup.

    Pocket doors system

    Pocket doors are sliding doors that go inside the wall when completely open. A flush barn door pull is the best solution for this type of door.

    Barn door handles and pulls materials

    When shopping for a barn door handle, your pull handle’s material should be considered to ensure its longevity. There are better-suited materials for interior barn door handles and exterior barn door handles.

    While you could pick pretty much any material for your interior barn door handle (such as one of ourBronze handles), exterior barn door handles would last for longer if made from more durable and weather-resistant material. 

    Some of the best materials for outdoor projects and exterior barn door handles are:

    • Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Iron
    • Plastic
    • Teak


    Barn door handles and pulls are very easy to install! Most handles and pulls are easily installed by screwing the handle or handle plate into the desired height of your door panel. Barn door flush pulls are also commonly installed with screws, but you will first have to crave a hole with the correct measurements and depth of your flush pull.

    RealCraft’s barn door handles and pulls

    RealCraft is proud to have a great variety of American-made sliding barn door handles and pulls. Ranging in style from bronze flush pulls to stainless steel modern bar handles, they can beautifully paired with other barn door hardware like barn door locks, floor-mounted door guides, and otherbarn door accessories. Call 1-800-694-5977 with any questions or to place your order over the phone