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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Four Different Barn Door Floor Guides And How To Choose One

In this blog we're breaking down our four different floor guides. Floor guides are super important for sliding barn doors because without them, your door has nothing to guide it along the track. It can wobble on the track and even create safety concerns, especially if small children are operating the door. So a floor guide is a must. But how do you know which type of floor guide is right for your project? We filmed a video about it, too, but if you'd rather read, we've got you covered. Watch the video here:

Types Of Floor Guides

C-Guide: Our C-guide is a popular option because it's low profile and very sleek. We have two versions of it, our standard version, which comes in 1 1/2", 1 3/8", and 1 3/4" sizes. We also have an adjustable version that can fit wider doors, too. 

T-Guide: The T-guide comes standard with all our sliding door hardware kits. It requires a slot in the bottom of the door, but it's virtually invisible while in use, for the lowest profile option. We also have an adjustable version for more flexibility in glide placement. If you order a sliding door from us, let us know if you'll be using a T guide and we'll add a slot in your door at no additional charge. 

Wall-Mounted Roller Guide: This roller guide mounts to the wall rather than the floor, unlike the other floor guides. The wheel guides the door. It is optimal for thicker doors, or for situations where you can't attach the guide to the floor (or don't want to). Think concrete flooring or original flooring in a historic home. It is also adjustable.  

Industrial Heavy Duty Floor Guide: This is exactly what it says, it's a floor guide for industrial applications or very thick, heavy doors. It has no maximum door thickness limit. If your barn doors are very large, this is the one for you. It features a polymer wheel for super smooth rolling, no matter how heavy the door is. 

Now that you know more about our floor guides and what applications they suit, you can buy with confidence. 

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