Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!

Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!



FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Introducing: Floating Shelves!

Are the things you love jumbled in a pile because you don't have anywhere to put them? Is it embarrassing you when friends come over? It happens to all of us--keeping a home organized and looking its best is difficult! The best way around this problem is to work smarter, not harder. You know the old saying, a place for everything, and everything in its place? The "place for everything" comes first for a reason. 

And our newest launch, the floating shelf, is just what you need to create a "place for everything". 

You don't need to stash everything away in cupboards or drawers. You can have a dedicated spot in your home for the things you actually want to see every day--books, artwork, photos, mementos, even fine china. A floating wood shelf is the perfect way to display what matters to you.

Floating shelves with books, artwork, houseplants, and vases.

And this shelf is different than the ones from the big box stores. Our wood floating shelf helps homeowners who want to declutter their space create an elegant storage solution with premium materials, robust hardware, and extensive customization options. Here are all the details about this new product:

  • Choose from 20 different wood species--it is a wooden floating shelf, after all! From rustic Knotty Alder, to versatile White Oak, to luxurious Sapele Mahogany--whatever your style, we have a wood option that fits it. You can even coordinate it with a matching RealCraft door!
  • Available in seven edging styles, from minimalist Sharp or Eased, to more ornamental like Roman Ogee. 
  • You can customize the dimensions--length, width, and thickness--to your exact needs. We can make floating shelves up to ten feet long!
  • Our floating shelf hardware is reliable. We use aircraft-grade aluminum brackets that run over most of the length of the shelf, so there's no sagging or leaning.
  • How much weight can a floating shelf hold? Weight rating is contingent on how many studs are engaged and the depth of the shelf, but our shelves can hold between 100-250lbs.
  • We pre-install one of the floating shelf brackets on the back of the shelf, so installation is a breeze. All you need to do is anchor the other bracket to the wall and slot them together---easy!

Floating Shelf with pre-installed hardware

How do I install a floating shelf?

We thought you might ask. So here's a video showing the whole process from start to finish: 

Check out our floating shelves, and act fast--the first ten orders get *free* wood finish, a savings of up to $120!

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