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Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!



FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Introducing the Pivot Door Collection from RealCraft!

If you're looking for a bold and innovative front door, you'll love our new pivot door collection! Combining our commitment to natural materials and return to craftsmanship with modern styling, this pivot door collection was designed for discerning homeowners and business owners who want a unique, statement-making front door that's just as high quality as it is beautiful. 

What makes a RealCraft pivot door different from other pivot doors?

  • Handcrafted Solid Wood Construction--for a door that's built to last. 
  • Pre-installed, Adjustable M+ Pivot System--because most of the problems people encounter when installing pivot doors are eliminated when the hardware has been pre-fitted into the threshold.  The M+ pivot has adjustable settings so you can control the door opening & closing speeds, dampening, and latching. The M+ Pivot is ADA Friendly Access compatible, making pivot doors an optimal choice for accessible entry doors. 
  • 20 Wood Species Options--so you can create a door that perfectly coordinates with your space.  
  • Custom Design Options--if you'd like to add customized glass or other unique features, we can build the door of your dreams. 
  • Matching Wood-Framed Sidelights and Transom--this add on creates an even more distinctive entryway. 
  • 25 Trees Planted For Every Door Sold--so you can help us protect and maintain forests around the world. You can even track the tree-planting process in real time! 
  • Warranty, Financing Options, and Customization Consultations 

Our latest collection features four modern, sleek designs. There's something about a pivot door that we feel demands more contemporary styling. Here's a little bit more about each door:

Peninsula Pivot Door: Our striking, contemporary design features one vertical leg with eight horizontal planks. It's inspired by the dramatic contrasts of our Olympic Peninsula home. 


Offset Slat Door With Glass: This Mid-Century Modern inspired design features four offset glass panels encased in solid wood construction. Both asymmetrical and balanced, this door is a distinctive option for any entryway.

Mid-Century Modern Tri Window: Three square windows in a vertical row stand next to vertical wood planks. The result is a charming nod to mid-century style that also emphasizes the natural beauty of solid wood.  

Mid-Century Modern Pivot Door With Side Window: This design is an adaptation of one of our most popular standard entry door designs. The offset window makes for the perfect compromise between transparency and privacy, and the vertical planks surrounding the window emphasize the door's height. 

If you want a front door that makes a statement, shop our pivot doors today!

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