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Butcher Block Countertops: Your FAQs

When we took part in the Seattle Home Show recently, we got a lot of questions about butcher block countertops! So we decided to write out a little blog to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. 

Are wood countertops a good idea? 

Wood countertops are a great idea if you ask us! However, we have to be honest: they aren’t for everyone. There are pros and cons to wood countertops just like with any other countertop material. The biggest pro is how they look—nothing gives a kitchen the same sense of homey warmth as wood countertops. They’re also less expensive than alternatives like marble. However, the big “con” is that wood is softer than stone and more susceptible to scuffs and scratches. They are also higher maintenance than other countertop materials because you’ll need to refinish them. Maintaining the wood finish helps protect against water damage and general wear and tear. So if you have rambunctious kiddos or tend to be klutzy, then butcher block countertops may not be the optimal choice. If you install them and care for them correctly, wood countertops can also last for many years—it depends on your unique situation and how much you put your kitchen through daily. 

Which wood is best for countertops? 

Maple is most commonly used for countertops, but we’ve also done many Cherry countertops. One advantage of using Maple? Its light color means you can stain it to mimic the color of higher-priced woods. White Oak is a solid choice because it’s naturally extremely water resistant. And Teak, with its very high oil content and durability, is also a good option.  

How to protect wood countertops? 

For wood countertops, consistent maintenance is important. We use a high solid food-safe oil finish from Osmo for our countertops. The high solid content means it’s especially resilient against liquid spills. We recommend re-applying this oil finish to countertops once annually to keep the wood well protected. Unlike traditional wood finishes, Osmo doesn’t need sanding for touch-ups or refinishing. This makes it significantly easier and faster to maintain your countertops. Simply reapply a thin layer according to package directions and allow to dry completely. (Pro tip: you can also use this oil on your wood cutting boards). 

Can butcher block countertops be used as a cutting board? 

If your countertop has been stained and not finished with a clear finish, the answer is definitely not. However, even if you’ve used a clear finish, youcan use your countertops as cutting boards, but we wouldn’t. Having dedicated cutting boards on top of your work space is key to preventing cross-contamination and keeping food prep sanitary. Also, you won’t want knife marks on your countertops. The good news is that butcher block countertops are suitable as a workspace for baking-related tasks like kneading or rolling out dough. 

How to clean wood countertops? 

Wood countertops do require some special care when it comes to cleaning. Specifically, don’t use abrasive cleaning agents (such as Comet) or any cleaners that contain bleach, as this damages the wood finish. White vinegar distilled in water makes an excellent wood-safe alternative disinfectant to bleach (and bonus, it won’t damage or stain your clothing). For cleaning off food and debris, stick to a mild dish soap or castile soap and a cloth or kitchen sponge. Wipe everything off with a dry dish towel once you’re finished. 

Where to buy wood countertops? 

You can shop our butcher block countertops right here on our website! At RealCraft we build our countertops from solid wood on site in Gig Harbor, Washington. You can customize the countertop with over twenty different wood species, from more budget friendly options like Maple to premium options like Teak or Walnut. We ship across the United States, with free shipping over $399! See how we make them below: 

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Lynn eannone

Lynn eannone

February 21, 2024

Can you use Paducah wood for a countertop

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