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We Were Featured On Property Brothers: Celebrity IOU Edition!

We were on television recently.

Well, not literally. We, personally, were not on television. But some of our products were featured on two recent episodes of Celebrity IOU, the latest show from Jonathan and Drew Scott (also known as the Property Brothers). It’s no secret that the Property Brothers are home renovation experts, with over 150 home renovations between them and six different TV shows. We’re so honored each time they use our products as part of a home renovation. In this TV show, the brothers help celebrities “give back to people in their lives who helped them become who they are today”. Keep reading to discover more about each episode and which products of ours were used!

Season 2 Episode 6: LeAnn Rimes’ Life Saving Thank You

In this episode, singer LeAnn Rimes wanted to give back to her therapist Roger, who helped her through some very dark times. Roger loves cooking and entertaining, so LeAnn, Drew, and Jonathan designed a fabulous upgraded kitchen and dining area. They went with a sophisticated, all-black color palette and new hardwood floors.

kitchen from property brothers makeover


hood and range kitchen detail


dining room area with screen


laundry area with sliding barn door

Roger also had a problem with laundry: the laundry space was in the kitchen, which was not ideal. LeAnn had the idea to install a new laundry space in the hallway instead. The team used our barn doors and hardware to conceal the washer/dryer setup and give the area a sleek feeling.

wide shot of laundry area with sliding barn door


view of laundry area with barn door closed

Want to get the look? Here's the products used for this episode:

Season 3 Episode 2: Howie Mandel’s Sensational Surprise

Comedian Howie Mandel loves playing pranks, and on this episode, he partnered with the property brothers to do a surprise makeover for his road manager Rich. Rich has been Howie’s friend and road manager for 30 years! Rich had lived in his condo for fifteen years without really making the space feel his own. Howie wanted to transform the home and make it stylish. He and the brothers revamped the main floor into a contemporary, sophisticated space.

 Elegant black and white living room with large houseplant and photo prints

 renovated bedroom with chic black and neutral color scheme


alternate view of living room that shows fireplace 

view of the all-white renovated kitchen

They used our sliding barn doors and hardware for the closet area. Our custom doors worked beautifully with the horizontal wall paneling and provide a space-saving alternative to a swinging door.

photo of bedroom with sliding barn door for closet space

To achieve this sleek, modern setup, the Property Brothers used the following products from us: 

Jonathan and Drew—plus their celeb accomplices—did such a great job making these homes beautiful, comfortable, and stylish. They also provided unique solutions to each homeowner’s problems. We’re so happy they trusted our products to provide stylish solutions.

To see a complete resource guide for each episode, visit these pages!

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