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7 Benefits of Dutch Doors

Craftsman T Window Dutch Door

Ever wondered why people bother with Dutch doors? Is the separation between door panels a gimmick, or does it have a practical side? 

The answer lies in the Dutch door’s history. 

Dutch doors came from farmers in the Netherlands hundreds of years ago. Having a split door allowed them to let in more natural light and fresh air in a time when glass windows were expensive and small. Homes were darker (and smokier) back then, and Dutch doors were an appealing solution. When Dutch settlers came to North America, they brought their door design with them. Since then, Dutch doors have become a mainstay in farmhouse style homes, as well as equestrian barns. 

While our homes are not like the Dutch farmers’ homes from the 17th century, Dutch doors still have many practical benefits. In fact, they are our go-to recommendation for families with small children or pets. Keep reading to learn why Dutch doors are the most versatile entry door out there. 

Benefits of Dutch Style Doors 

1: Better Air Circulation

Dutch doors allow homeowners to open the top half of the door for more fresh air. But the bottom half stays closed to keep out dust and debris. This also helps regulate temperature on hot days. 

2: A Safer Home for Children and Pets 

The bottom half of the door is like a baby gate. It prevents curious children and pets from escaping, but you can still get fresh air and sunlight.  

3: Strategic Access 

The split design offers more security. You can communicate with visitors without granting full access to the house. 

4: Flexible Use

Dutch doors function as standard entry doors when you engage the Dutch bolt. Because sometimes you just need a regular door! With a Dutch door you get the best of both worlds. 

5: Visual Appeal 

The unique design of Dutch doors adds architectural interest. They make homes welcoming and friendly. While they're usually more farmhouse or traditional in style, at RealCraft, we make modern Dutch doors, too. No matter your style, you can customize a Dutch door that works for your home. 

6: Convenient Package Receiving 

Homeowners can receive packages through the top half of the door only. No more trying to wrangle the dog and talk to the courier at the same time--now you can sign for that delivery with ease!

7: Natural Light 

With the top half open, Dutch doors allow more natural light into the home. This makes for a brighter, more inviting space, especially in spring and summer. 

RealCraft Dutch Doors: More Custom Options Than Ever 

Eight glass options for Dutch Door

Our latest capsule collection of Dutch door designs features an exclusive customization option you won’t find anywhere else online. Now you can customize the upper door leaf—opt for an all-wood Dutch door, or choose from eight possible glass configurations. From a simple single panel to a traditional nine-light Craftsman panel, you can create a truly unique door that’s perfect for your home. Plus, the signature product options that come with all RealCraft entry doors: 

  • Twenty wood species 
  • Four glass styles 
  • Side light and transom add-ons  
  • Two shelf variations available
  • Pre-hung doors come with exclusive White Oak threshold and silicone door fin for premium water protection 
  • Contrasting wood sticking around glass for the Craftsman Traditional Dutch Door
  • Jamb built with the same wood species as the door for a bespoke look 

From traditional chevron motifs to contemporary frameless plank-style doors, we have designs to suit every taste. Shop the new Dutch door designs today!


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