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10 Secrets to Mastering English Country Design

The latest trend in interior design is the return of English Country style. It’s timeless but always evolving, and open to your unique interpretation. This look is maximalist, textured, but still chock full of elegant silhouettes and details. If you’re eccentric and trend toward collecting books and artwork, the English Country House style is the perfect design framework for all of your collections. It’s also ideal if you love your surroundings to feel cozy and warm, no matter the season. Here's how to make this trend your own.

Mix and match traditional prints 

One of the hallmarks of this design style is the embrace of print. or the most traditional English countryside look, opt for plaids, stripes, and small-scale florals. Mix in paisley, batik, Swiss dots, or the occasional geometric print for a more contemporary look. But be sure to balance larger scale or abstract prints with smaller, more subtle ones. Otherwise you’ll lose the classic, traditional edge that makes this style distinct. 

Mix antique and modern pieces

Just because this style is mostly rooted in antique and vintage elements—English country houses tend to be super old, after all—that doesn’t mean modern touches are off limits. It just has to be the kind of modern piece that can stand up to the maximalism of the style. A tufted round storage ottoman? Perfect.  A super sleek chrome and glass end table? Not so much.  

Embrace real wood and stone features 

Real wood and stone are mainstay architectural features at many English country homes, from grand estates to quaint cottages. Stone aids in insulation, but it also makes the ideal material for kitchen floors. Likewise, wood fireplace mantels or wooden shelves add a warm, comfortable feeling to your space. 

Create a deeply practical kitchen 

Other design styles may accommodate fancy marble countertops, pristine whites, and matching chrome fixtures. But the English country kitchen should be practical and efficient above all else. Large ceramic sinks, butcher block countertops, and storage furniture like hutches are all authentic touches for the kitchen. Tile—either for backsplashes or floors—should be earthenware or ceramic, nothing too glossy or modern looking. An array of mismatched teacups is the perfect finishing touch.  

Prioritize Comfort 

Now’s not the time or the place to scrimp on blankets, throw pillows, and cushions. These layered accessories are key to creating a super cozy, lived-in look. So are accessories like Persian-style rugs—since English country homes often have cold floors. Avoid anything too earthy or overly geometric when it comes to your area rugs or otherwise you risk pulling in a bohemian element that won’t quite fit. 

Books, books, and more books 

Nothing says “English countryside” like a library bursting with leather-bound volumes. But you don’t have to have a collection of antique first folios, or fancy built-in shelves, to get the look. Just incorporating bookshelves prominently throughout the house will give you the same effect. Bonus points if you opt for a darker wood bookshelf, like one made from Walnut or Sapele Mahogany.  

Get maximalist with knickknacks and art 

This is a style where more is more. If you have an eclectic mix of tchotchkes, figurines, or framed art—these are all part of the English countryside style. Gallery walls full of art were sort of invented at English estates. If the idea of clutter makes your skin crawl, you can still opt for this look, but just keep your walls and curio cabinets more edited. The point is to make space for the objects that bring you joy to look at—even the ones that may seem offbeat to other people, like your artichoke-shaped salt and pepper shakers. A little bit of eccentricity? Very English. 

Embrace Wallpaper 

Wallpaper isn’t just an opportunity to add pattern and color to a space. You can also use it to amplify unique architectural features. Have a sloped or vaulted ceiling in a bedroom? Take the wallpaper all the way up to the ceiling. This makes the room feel cozy, while still adding drama—the perfect combination for an English countryside look.  

Arts and Crafts style pieces 

The Arts and Crafts design movement (which evolved into the Mission or Craftsman style here in the US) originated in England, with textile designer William Morris as a figurehead. You can still buy Morris and Co wallpaper and textiles today for a super authentic nod to a unique part of English style. Morris and Co textiles are full of floral and botanical-inspired patterns, in muted colors. Other Arts and Crafts touches include stained glass, handcrafted woodwork, wrought iron, and woven tapestries.  

Fresh flowers or potted plants 

Every space needs a touch of something lively. And since English country houses often have flower gardens, adding vases of fresh flowers is an authentic nod to this style that you can adapt based on your local flower varieties. For a lower maintenance option, potted flower plants can work as houseplants. Geraniums, begonias, and African violets all do well as indoor plants.  

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