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10 Ways to Transform Your Space Into a Boho Sanctuary

The Bohemian, also known as Boho interior design style, is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and designers, and it is very easy to see why. This free-spirited airy style weaves in elements of nature, creativity, and comfort to create a highly inviting and peaceful space. Whether you are decorating an apartment, specific room, or your entire home, the Boho style can be an excellent option. 

Here are a few simple ways to transform your space into a Zen Boho sanctuary!

What Does Boho Décor Mean?

Boho Decor origined in paris banner

The Bohemian (also known as only Boho) style interior design began in the 19th century in Paris, France. Eventually, the term broadened to describe artists, writers, actors, or musicians who led a nomadic lifestyle. The French word bohémien refers to a group of nomads who traveled from a region in the Czech Republic, Bohemia. With the convergence of their respective cultures, ideals, and refusal to conform to what was accepted, these nomads started an interior design and fashion trend: the Bohemian style. 

Why is Bohemian Design So Popular?


It Inspires Individuality

The free-spirited influence emphasizes the uniqueness you'll usually find in a Boho space. Bring in family heirlooms, handmade pieces, or relics from your travels to tell a story about you, where you come from, and where you've been. These could be textiles, sculptures, or paintings, each helping to foster individuality.  

It's Organic

In addition to the handmade items, you'll also find plenty of natural elements. This comes in the form of fabrics, like wicker, wood, and plants. Filling a room with potted plants, hanging plants, succulents, and ferns helps bring the outdoors in and creates a calming aesthetic in your space.

It's Sustainable

Bohemian design trends always consider recyclability and sustainability. Promoting vintage finds, upcycling old pieces, and incorporating worn-out objects is what sets the bohemian style apart from the rest. One-of-a-kind and handmade items best fit in when designing a Boho space, while plants and organic material are the layers of decadence that make it feel so tranquil.

It Supports the Arts

Displaying unique or one-of-a-kind pieces is all part of the Boho charm. A great way to do that is by supporting local artisans by purchasing art from non-profit auctions or creating your own art!  

It Tells a Story

If any design style tells a story, it's the bohemian design. Reflecting a nomadic lifestyle, the Boho space has a collection of trinkets from places you have, or that can have a tale of where they came from. Art, books, sculptures, pillows, lamps all function in making the Boho space feel inviting, cozy, and a conversation starter. Pull your trinkets out, put them on display, and let your Boho space tell your story. 


How To Make Boho Your Own!

Today bohemian styles are defined by a lack of structure, opting instead for carefree layers of pattern, texture, and color, combining objects and décor from all over the world. And unlike other home décor trends that have come and gone, the bohemian approach to decorating and design is here to stay. Here are ten ways to transform any space into your very own Boho dream spot. 


1. Texture

Boho Décor Ideas by RealCraft: Wood Accent Wall

Bohemian design is all about exuding a free-spirited feeling, and one of the best ways to express that feeling is through texture. Texture can be accomplished through several elements in your home through barn wood walls, multi-tonal fabrics, and mixed art pieces. Chunky pillows with tassels and fringe, cozy throws, crochet, or tattered textiles can all contribute to a warm textured feeling. 


2. Layered Patterns

Boho Décor Ideas by RealCraft: Layered PAtterns

Most design trends tend to stick to strict pattern and color pallets, but going against the grain, bohemian design has virtually no rules for mixing and matching patterns and colors. Colors and patterns don't necessarily have to "go" together; what makes Boho unique is how it combines elements unique and interesting way. You can accomplish this look by starting with an organic piece like herringbone wood floors and then adding a large Morrocan rug.


3. Color

Boho Décor Ideas by RealCraft: Rug with different colors and patterns

Color is the game's name when it comes to Boho style. Think browns and greens, jewel tones, and pastels. A colorful painting or bright throw can help transform an ordinary space into a Boho paradise, but it doesn't always have to be a jewel tone or vibrant color scheme. Multi-tonal colorways of the same or more muted colors can help you accomplish a modern Boho look with a fresh twist. In the traditional sense, Boho style exclaims, "more is more," but there are several ways you can tone down and modernize a Boho moment by layering textures within a toned-down color scheme. 


4. Barn Doors

Boho Décor Ideas by RealCraft:  Barn Door Design

Another great way to add texture and pattern to a bohemian space is by incorporating a sliding barn door into your room design. Go with a mosaic or chevron pattern, and add some whitewash or a fun color to make it unique. Barn doors don't always have to mean farmhouse or shabby chic. Unlike traditional doors, sliding barn doors help maximize space in a room, which is important for Boho décor, where the more layers, elements, and textiles, the better.  


5. Indoor Plants

Boho Décor Ideas by RealCraft: Room decorated with multiple indoor plants

Bringing some ferns and succulents into your home is a great way to add another organic dimension to your Boho design. Potted plants are an easy way to turn your home into a peaceful retreat, full of calm and tranquility. Make sure you do plenty of research before purchasing any plants you aren't familiar with. Many plants require full sun, a certain amount of water and can be toxic to pets. Don't have a green thumb? No problem! Dried arrangements of pampas, grass, palm leaf, and flowers are all great ways to incorporate plants into your Boho home. 


6. Handmade Hardware


Boho Décor Ideas by RealCraft: Dining Room featuring RealCraft's hammered hardware

A small but detailed way to up your Boho game is by upgrading your hardware. Hand-forged hardware can add an other-worldly and traveled look to your cabinets, doors, and drawers. Try a ring pull or an eclectic rope-twist style door handle as a conversation piece when guests visit.  

Mismatched glass drawer pulls on a dresser are also a popular choice of hardware. Natural stones and crystals can also be made into knobs and pulls for an organic and magical feel. 


7. Accent Pieces

Boho Décor Ideas by RealCraft: : Boho Accent Pieces

Bold pieces that dominate the room or anchor a mantle are fun ways to incorporate a bohemian design element in any space. A large bold vase or a large wall hanging can help anchor any room, and macramé is the name of the game when it comes to a quintessential Boho look. A large macramé piece above your couch or macramé plant hangers will add dimension to the entire room.


8. Vintage Finds

Boho Décor Ideas by RealCraft: Staircase full of vintage frames

You don't have to be a world traveler to incorporate Boho design in your home. Although you can find Boho furniture just about anywhere right now, bohemian furniture tends to be vintage. Thrift stores and art fair finds will offer great options. Chairs and couches should be plush and comfortable, inviting a sit back and lounge around kind of vibe. Look for vintage mirrors, velvet chairs, sconces, and side tables to round out a vintage look.  


9. Butcher Block Countertops

Boho Décor Ideas by RealCraft:  Kitchen space with light wood butcher block countertop

Don't let the old granite countertop trend weigh your Boho dreams down.  Butcher block countertops will bring in that natural element your bohemian design is yearning for. This warmer alternative to cold stone surfaces will bring texture and warmth into your kitchen space.

Not only are there a variety of styles and designs available with butcher block countertops, but they are incredibly durable and last for years. Great at sustaining everyday use, butcher block countertops are available in many different types of wood and finishes, allowing for your personal Boho style to shine through. 


10. Rattan 

Boho Décor Ideas by RealCraft: Rattan decoration

From furniture to mirror frames, rattan is all the rage in the bohemian design world. Made from thin, pliable stems of palm, this intricately woven material is no longer your grandma's '70s décor. Wicker (the style of furniture made out of rattan) is a fun way to incorporate a dramatic element into your Boho space. Wicker is often handmade and can usually be found in a secondhand store. It's a sustainable material that just keeps coming back in style. Using rattan can make you feel like you're decorating and saving the planet at the same time.


Now that you know the basics, we can't wait to see your Boho Space!

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