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Custom Barn Doors. We take pride in offering 100% solid wood sliding doors made from the highest quality timber in a variety of styles.

Classic Single Panel Sliding Barn Door

$575.00 – $2,010.30

Classic Plank Sliding Barn Door

$523.36 – $1,057.59

Mid-Bar Sliding Barn Door Kit


End Grain Mosaic Door Sliding Barn Door


Chevron Four Panel Sliding Barn Door


Single Panel Sliding Glass Barn Door

$747.00 – $1,513.90

Mid-Century Modern 6 Panel Sliding Barn Door


Craftsman Three Panel Sliding Barn Door


Weathered Wood Sliding Barn Door Kit

$665.00 – $1,315.10

Weathered Horizontal Sliding Barn Door Kit

$827.00 – $1,227.19

Reclaimed Scrap Sliding Barn Wood Door


Hardwood Variety Sliding Barn Door


Mountain Chevron Sliding Barn Door

$795.00 – $1,413.52

Horizontal Sliding Modern Barn Door


Five Panel Horizontal Sliding Barn Door


British Brace Sliding Barn Door


Four Panel Horizontal Sliding Barn Door


Classic Sliding Barn Door With Mirror


Classic Z-Brace Sliding Barn Door Kit


Metal Chalkboard Sliding Barn Door


Reclaimed Barn Wood Sliding Door Kit


Mid-Century Modern 4 Panel Sliding Barn Door


Five Panel Horizontal Sliding Glass Barn Door


Classic X-Brace Sliding Barn Door Kit


Shaker Style High-T Panel Sliding Door


Shaker Style Low T Panel Sliding Door


Craftsman Z Panel Sliding Barn Door


Shaker Style Low Z Panel Sliding Door


Double-X Sliding Barn Door Kit


Half-X Sliding Barn Door Kit


Double-Z Sliding Barn Door Kit


Half-Z Sliding Barn Door Kit


Ready-to-Ship Reclaimed Pine Wood Sliding Door


Craftsman Double Panel Sliding Barn Door

$595.00 – $1,032.22

Our collection of Sliding barn doors

Our barn doors & sliding barn door kits are available in several styles ranging from a traditional Craftsman design to board-and-batten plank construction. We offer barn doors in up to 20 wood species with glass, mirror, chalkboard, tongue-in-groove, and custom panels for all our barn doors. 

About Barn Doors

Differently from swinging barn doors that allow the door to open to one direction from the doorway, custom barn doors open by sliding horizontally through a track fixed into the wall. Historically used outdoor projects, sliding barn doors are now a popular product that integrates design and practicality. Interior sliding doors save space and add a unique touch of style to your decoration. 

Sliding doors are perfect for home decor projects and are commonly used in kitchens, kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. Other popular uses include sliding doors with mirrors or chalkboards. 

From rustic to farmhouse, to modern, or midcentury style, our sliding doors are customizable and made specifically for your needs. No matter what style you are looking for, our sliding barn door collection has it. We offer a wide variety of quality wood species and wood finishes.

7 Reasons to love Sliding Barn Doors

  1. Sliding barn doors are beautiful!
  2. Easy to install
  3. Versatility
  4. Operation
  5. Customizable
  6. Space Saver
  7. Eco-Friendly

1. Sliding barn doors are beautiful!

No matter if it is for an indoor or outdoor project, sliding barn doors are a beautiful decoration piece that can bring a whole design scheme together. Sliding doors are the perfect combination of style and practicality, and few decorations elements are as charming as a custom barn door.

 Get inspired by these 50 sliding barn door ideas!

2. Easy to install

Differently from traditional doors, sliding barn doors are straightforward to install. The barn door installation consists of attaching your door to the door hardware. When shopping for your new door, make sure you have the correct measurements for your project and avoid these 10 mistakes to avoid when buying a barn door.

When buying a RealCraft bar door, you can get an already assembled door, ready to hang or select one of our DIY barn Door Kit, and you will have the opportunity to assemble it yourself. 

If you still have questions on installing your barn door, take a look at our barn door installation guide.

3. Versatility

Sliding Barn Doors are super versatile and are suitable for your indoors or outdoors projects! Whether it is chalk single sliding door for your kitchen or a havier, thicker option for your entry door, sliding doors will elegantly get the job done. Get inspired with this +50 sliding barn door ideas.


4. Operation

Say good buy to excruciating efforts to open your door: no matter how heavy your sliding door is, when paired with the correct hardware, your sliding barn door will open and close seamless with little to no effort! Because of the sliding door track system, the door will move to either side with just a little touch. 

5. Customizable

A sliding barn door is highly customizable, so you can select all the finishes and accessories to make your door perfectly match your space. You can pick your wood specie, door hight, door width, door thickness, and even the color in some cases!

We currently offer a vast selection of premium wood species across all of our sliding doors collection. Our wood species selection, among others, includes Knotty Alder, Reclaimed Wood, European Beech, Bubinga, Western Red Cedar, Cherry, Douglas Fir, Hickory, Maple, Padauk, Reclaimed Pine, Purple Heart, Reclaimed Red Wood, Sapele Mahogany, Teak, Walnut, Wenge, White Oak, and Zebrawood.

You might also want to check out some of our customer’s favorites, such as:

  • Handles and pulls that are used to assist you in opening and closing your door, as well as adding one extra design detail to your door.
  • Barn Door Hardware is the track system that attaches your door to the wall. We offer a vast selection of hardware kits with different finishes. We are sure one of them will pair beautifully with your door.
  • Door guides that are used to prevent your door from wobbling (this accessory is especially useful if you have a long door track or if your door is extra heavy).
  •  Adjustable End Stop enables you to specifically select a spot for the door to stop along the track.
  • Soft Stop Barn Door Hardware provides a smooth, clean close to your door. No more slamming! Our small mechanism is installed behind the track and makes the door closes gently and quietly, no matter how hard you close it. Soft Stop Barn Door Hardware works similarly to soft-closing drawer slides.

6. Space Saver

Got a small space? Sliding barn doors are a beautiful way to save space when planning your project. Unlike traditional swinging doors that use floor space and sometimes cover any furniture or decoration behind it, sliding doors not take space other than wall space when open. This arrangement gives you more space and makes your room feels bigger. 

Another excellent door option for small spaces are pocket doors. Pocket doors are directly built into the wall and completely disappear when open. 

7. Eco-Friendly

Wood is one of the world’s most renewable resources, and producing wood products uses far less energy, carbon, and water than other raw materials.

Managed forests are valuable for the wood they produce, the carbon dioxide they absorb, and the oxygen they provide. Wood is a safer choice for interiors than plastics or other synthetic materials that produce harmful off-gassing and will take centuries to disintegrate once they are discarded. 

RealCraft's Sliding Barn Doors

All of our sliding barn doors are handcrafted with high-quality wood here in Gig Harbor, WA. 

At RealCraft, we are committed to excellence in creating high-quality products for customers around the world. Built Real in the USA, our original sliding barn doors and hardware designs are visually stunning and structurally robust. We strive to exceed your expectations by combining personalized customer service with the highest quality products. We invite you to Build Real.

We are continually releasing new, innovative, and exclusive products. We always have great things in the works, so swing by our website to stay entirely up to date on everything we have to offer. 

Call us at 1-800-694-5977 with questions, customization requests, or to order by phone.