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A barn door for every style

Barn doors are a popular and contemporary decoration element. They integrate design, practicality, safety features that save space in your home or office building and add character with their unique look! Barn door systems can be used for any type of project: residential, commercial indoor, or outdoor ones, too - it doesn't matter what you're working on because this sliding style has something perfect for every situation.


Barn doors are great for adding dimension and style to any room. Unlike traditional swinging doors that can be installed in one direction from the doorway with a fixed position (they're permanently attached), a sliding barn door opens up many more design possibilities!


6 benefits of sliding barn doors

Barn doors are not just for aesthetics! They can also offer many benefits. Check out these six reasons why installing sliding barn door is worth it:


A Beautiful Design Element

Barn doors are a design feature that can be used in any area of your home. Interior barn door provides both functional and stylish features, adding more decorative style than traditional doors while still being practical for entering or exiting the room.


Saving Space

When you install sliding barn doors, there are several benefits that come with it. First and foremost is the space they take up compared to traditional swinging doorways. Unlike traditional swinging doors that use valuable floor space and often cover furniture or the wall behind it, a sliding door system gives more freedom in your room because of how little extra inch they take up our walls.



Sliding barn doors aren't just for style; they're also available in dozens of designs that add functionality to your space. Whether you want solid wood panels for privacy or window panes to preserve light flow and line-of-sight with the outdoors, RealCraft has everything from traditional Plank Barn Door Styles all the way up to intricately custom-crafted designs for your project.


Easy to operate

Say goodbye to excruciating efforts to open your door: no matter how heavy your sliding door is, when paired with the correcthardware, your sliding barn door will easily open and close with little to no effort. A more effortless operation means you have a more accessible space, and any person can safely operate your door system.


Fully Customizable

With RealCraft's extensive customization options, you can make your door perfectly match your style and personality. Select your door size, pick your favorite wood species from our vast selection of lumber, and select a design with or without glass panes.



Wood is one of the world's most renewable resources, and producing wood products uses far less energy, carbon, and water than other raw materials.


We're on a mission to save the world one tree at a time. For every Barn Door we sell, 25 new trees will be planted worldwide, and you can take part in this fantastic story!


Must-have Barn Door Accessories

You might also want to check out five of our customer's favorite barn door accessories that will make your door operation even smoother!


  • Handles and pulls assist you in opening and closing your door, as well as adding one extra design detail to your door.


  • Barn Door Hardware is the track system that attaches your door to the wall. We offer a vast selection of hardware kits with different finishes and materials.


  • Barn Door Floor Guides are small hardware pieces attached to the floor and prevent your door from wobbling (this accessory is handy if you have a long door track or if your door is extra heavy).


  •  Adjustable End Stop enables you to precisely select a spot for the door to stop along the track.


  • Soft Stop Barn Door Hardware provides a smooth, clean close to your door. No more slamming! Our small mechanism is installed behind the track and makes the door closes gently and quietly, no matter how hard you close it. Soft Stop Barn Door Hardware works similarly to soft-closing drawer slides.



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