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About Sliding Barn Doors

Unlike traditional swinging doors that are fixed to the wall and swing open in one direction from the doorway, sliding barn doors open and close by sliding horizontally through a track installed into the wall. It is important to note that measuring your opening for a barn door is slightly different from measuring for a traditional door. Learn how to measure for a barn door on this illustrated guide.

Historically used in outdoor projects, mostly barns and farms, sliding barn doors are now a popular and contemporary decoration element that integrates design and practicality. Interior sliding doors save space and add a unique touch of style to your decoration and environment.

A sliding barn door is a safe and convenient door system and is suitable for projects of all natures: residential, commercial, indoor, or outdoor projects. Barn door systems are commonly used in:

  • Kitchens;
  • Bedrooms;
  • Bathrooms;
  • Laundry Rooms;
  • Closets;
  • Windows;
  • Cabinets;
  • and more.

RealCraft's Collection of Sliding Barn Doors

Our barn doors & DIY kits are available in several styles. From traditional and simple to complex and custom construction methods, RealCraft has an option for all tastes. Explore more than 30 door designs, 20 wood species, and mixed materials door styles, including designs with glass, mirror, chalkboard, tongue-in-groove, bronze, and other custom material panels.


RealCraft offers 34 beautiful, handcrafted door styles divided into six of the popular decoration styles:

  • Farmhouse;
  • Mid-Century;
  • Minimalist;
  • Modern;
  • Rustic;
  • Unique;

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7 Advantages of Sliding Barn Doors

There are many reasons to love barn doors. We listed seven popular advantages to this system:

  1. A beautiful decoration element;
  2. Space Saver;
  3. Versatile;
  4. Easy to Install;
  5. Easy to operate;
  6. Highly customizable;
  7. Eco-Friendly;

1. A beautiful decoration element

Few decoration elements perfectly combine beauty and practicality as barn doors do. No matter if it is for a residential or commercial project, barn doors are a beautiful decoration piece that can bring a whole design scheme together. When paired with the right accessories and hardware, your door can easily become a focal point in your room.

2. Space saver

Sliding barn doors are an effective solution for projects with limited space available. Unlike traditional swinging doors that use valuable floor space and often cover and damage furniture and the wall behind it, sliding doors do not take space other than a couple of inches extra inches on your wall. This arrangement gives you more freedom and will make your room feels larger.

Another excellent solution for small spaces are pocket doors. Pocket doors are directly built into the wall and completely disappear when open.

3. Versatile

Sliding Barn Doors are super versatile and are suitable for any project that requires a door! Wheater you need a heavy-duty door for a large opening in an exterior area or a regular size one for your laundry room, with the right lumber and hardware, a sliding door will elegantly get the job done.

4. Easy to install

Different from traditional doors, sliding barn doors are very straightforward to install. The barn door installation process consists of installing hardware to the wall or support header and then attaching the slabs to the track. For standard door sizes, two people should be more than enough to complete the installation process safely.

Before adding your favorite design to your cart, don't forget to look at these 10 mistakes to avoid buying a barn door.

5. Easy to operate

Say good buy to excruciating efforts to open your door: no matter how heavy your sliding door is, when paired with the correct hardware, your sliding barn door will easily open and close with a little touch. An easier operation means that you have a more accessible space, and any person can safely operate your system.

6. Highly customizable

RealCraft offers a high level of customization when building your door online. You can select all the finishes and accessories to make your door perfectly match your space and personality. You can pick your wood species, door height, door width, door thickness, screw finish!

For some door styles, you also have the option to choose from "ready to install" or a DIY barn Door Kit so that you can assemble your door yourself.

We currently offer a vast selection of wood species, including premium and budget-friendly options like:

  • Bubinga;
  • Western Red Cedar;
  • Cherry;
  • Douglas Fir;
  • Teak;
  • Walnut;
  • and more.


You might also want to check out five of our customer's favorite barn door accessories that will make your door operation even smoother!


  • Handles and pulls assist you in opening and closing your door, as well as adding one extra design detail to your door.


  • Barn Door Hardware is the track system that attaches your door to the wall. We offer a vast selection of hardware kits with different finishes and materials.


  • Barn Door Floor Guides are small hardware pieces attached to the floor and prevent your door from wobbling (this accessory is handy if you have a long door track or if your door is extra heavy).


  •  Adjustable End Stop enables you to precisely select a spot for the door to stop along the track.


  • Soft Stop Barn Door Hardware provides a smooth, clean close to your door. No more slamming! Our small mechanism is installed behind the track and makes the door closes gently and quietly, no matter how hard you close it. Soft Stop Barn Door Hardware works similarly to soft-closing drawer slides.

7. Eco-friendly

Wood is one of the world's most renewable resources, and producing wood products uses far less energy, carbon, and water than other raw materials.

Managed forests are valuable for the wood they produce, the carbon dioxide they absorb, and the oxygen they provide. Wood is a safer choice for interiors than plastics or other synthetic materials that make harmful off-gassing and will take centuries to disintegrate once discarded.

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