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Here's Why You Should Choose Brass Hardware For Your Barn Door

Brass hardware is having a moment lately. It seems like every eye-popping kitchen or bathroom remodel in Architectural Digest or on HGTV features this luxury metal. But you might have wondered: is it a passing trend, or is brass hardware here to stay? We’re breaking down the reasons why brass is always a good choice—especially when it comes to barn door hardware. 

What is brass hardware made of? 

Let's get down to brass tacks. (Sorry, we couldn't resist the pun.) What is brass made of, anyway? Brass is an alloy of two metals: copper and zinc. Copper lends the metal its trademark warm golden color. The properties of brass can change depending on the amounts of copper and zinc. But all variations of true brass are easily machined and resistant to corrosion. The higher the zinc content, the harder and stronger the brass will be. 

Brass Hardware is Durable 

Brass is durable no matter the proportion of zinc to copper. Brass is highly tarnish resistant and corrosion resistant, making it suitable for marine environments. In fact, it’s been used extensively on boats for centuries because of this! But that’s not the only practical benefit of this metal alloy. Because it contains copper, it has anti-microbial properties, which is great for high-touch surfaces. Brass surfaces kill many harmful microbes in as little as two hours, which means you don’t have to constantly disinfect high-use brass hardware. Plus, brass is infinitely recyclable, making it a sustainable choice you can feel good about.

Brass Adds a Luxurious Touch 

Brass has a warm golden look that instantly elevates any space. You don’t need to overhaul the whole space to make it look more elegant; simply replacing your current hardware with brass hardware is a simple and low-effort upgrade. 

You Can Mix and Match Brass Hardware with Other Finishes

Brass coordinates well with many finishes. Our customers commonly mix brass with our Metallic Gold finish, a powder-coated color finish that plays off shiny brass perfectly. You can opt for contrasting finishes like nickel—we recommend keeping any cool-toned hardware nice and shiny so it doesn’t look dull next to the brass. Brass also looks gorgeous with matte black for a chic take on the industrial décor style. 

Brass Hardware Will Always Be In Style

Brass hardware is a timeless finish in many spaces, including bathrooms and kitchens. Right now it’s also enjoying a newfound trendiness. This means that brass barn door hardware will look like the height of style right now—but in a few years, it will still look good simply because it is a premium material. 

About Our Brass Barn Door Hardware 

Brass is a low-friction metal which makes it ideal for hardware with moving parts. In addition to the benefits covered above, this is why we absolutely love brass for hardware kits. Buttery smooth operation makes brass sliding barn door hardware a joy to use. We have two hardware kits available in brass. The first is our Classic Sliding Barn Door Hardware kit, a streamlined kit whose hangers wrap over the wheels. This style works with virtually any décor style and is one of our most popular kits. 

We also offer our specialty Swiss Rod Hardware Kit in brass. The round cylinder rod adds a striking modern touch and is perfect for making a statement. Unlike similar kits, our Swiss Rod kit is a solid cylinder—no hollow tubes here.  

1 Response

Guillaume Dastros

Guillaume Dastros

November 01, 2023

Amber, your blog on brass hardware is fantastic! You’ve made a compelling case for choosing brass, especially for barn doors. The pun at the beginning adds a fun touch.

Your points on brass’s durability, tarnish resistance, and antimicrobial properties are convincing. It’s great to know it’s sustainable too.

Brass indeed adds a touch of luxury to any space and pairs well with various finishes, as you’ve mentioned. Its timelessness is a big plus.

Your descriptions of the brass barn door hardware kits are enticing, and the low-friction quality of brass is a critical detail.

Overall, your blog is informative and persuasive, showcasing your passion and expertise. I can’t wait to read more from you!

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