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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

How To Choose a Sliding Door Hardware Kit

When it comes to choosing a hardware kit, it can be overwhelming. There are so many points to consider, like the weight rating, the overall look and style, and the color of the kit. Do you want your hardware to make a statement or stay subtle? Do you want to use it outside? Do you want something rustic, or something contemporary? We made an easy guide to help you narrow down your choices, based on your top priority. Which statement rings most true for you? 

I want my sliding barn door hardware to make a statement. I also want premium materials like solid brass or stainless steel.

You'll want our Architectural Series. We have a Swiss Rod hardware kit, available in brass or stainless steel, and a Hexagon Bar hardware kit available in stainless steel. Each kit has a lower weight rating of 150lbs per pair of hangers, but if your primary concern is something that looks beautiful, these are your best option. 

I want a barn door kit that's low profile and doesn't compete with the design of the door. 

Our Aero kithas top-mounted hangers so they don't overwhelm your door. It's available in stainless steel as well as black, white, and dark bronze. It has a weight rating of 150lbs per door of hangers.

Another option is the Low Profile Pocket Door Track, which can also be used for sliding doors that are ceiling-mounted. 


My doors are heavy and I want a sliding hardware kit that will still roll smoothly. 

Our box rail kits come in two weight rating options: 400lbs per pair of hangers, and 600lbs per pair of hangers. If your doors are big or very heavy, box rail is the best for you. We've fine-tuned the design so it rolls quiet and smooth, which isn't usually the case with industrial style sliding door hardware. Box rail kits are also suitable for both interior and exterior applications thanks to the galvanized steel base.

I hate noisy hardware, I want a barn door kit that operates whisper-quiet. 

If you want something quiet as quiet can be, you need the Hexagon Bar hardware. The shape of the rod means that the hangers ride on a single point of contact, so it's almost silent.


I'm not sure what I need, but I know I want my barn door hardware to be versatile!

If you aren't sure what you want, then your best best is our Classic Flat Track series. The hangers are simple and minimalist. Available in multiple color finishes and metal options, it has something for everyone.

I want a bypass track so my doors can stack on top of each other when open.

We have two options for bypassing doors: Classic Flat Track or Box Rail. Box rail is ideal for bigger doors or a more industrial or rustic look. Classic Flat track is more versatile from a design perspective. Shop bypass kits here


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