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7 Bohemian Decor Tips for 2024

After years and years of Mid Century Modern design dominating home decor, we’re now taking inspiration from a different decade. The 1970s are back, but not in the ultra-literal way you might think (you won’t find us extolling the virtues of orange shag carpet). Bohemian design is trending now, thanks to its warm and cozy effect and maximalism. If you're bored by the minimal look that's been popular for a while now, this is the style for you. Bohemian design is characterized by an eclectic approach, layers of color and texture, and global influence. Here are seven ways to incorporate the bohemian look into your space—or update your existing boho look for 2024. 

Look for furniture at thrift or antique stores 

Not only is thrifting better for the environment, it’s also an ideal shortcut to creating a bohemian space. Mix and match design styles and embrace the one-of-a-kind nature of older furniture. One unexpected upside of vintage or antique furniture? It tends to be better made, and feature finer materials, than what you can buy new for the same price. If a table or dresser has flaws, that’s okay—the bohemian look is all about looking lived-in. A fresh application of furniture oil can also help revive some pieces, since wood dries out over time.   

Add personal touches 

Resist the urge to choose wall art or accessories just because you think they’re what you’re “supposed” to like. The bohemian look is all about art, mementos, and details that are unique and specific to you. Take your time building up a collection of wall art for a space that’s totally authentic. 

Go for natural materials and texture 

Wicker, rattan, faux fur, jute rugs—these are all ways to make your space feel more bohemian. Having many varied textures throughout the space aligns with the eclectic, more maximalist nature of bohemian style. Solid wood is another material that adds texture and warmth to any space—whether it’s furniture, floating shelves, or a mantel. Texture = warmth. 

Create unity with a color scheme 

While the bohemian look is usually very colorful, you can make it your own by choosing a color scheme. It’s possible to have a bohemian space in mostly neutral tones, or to pick a few different shades of the same color to tie the room together. Having some repetition of color throughout helps to unify the space and give it cohesion. 

Include organic and round shapes 

Curved or rounded elements can be incorporated into a bohemian space to add welcome contrast to the straight lines that tend to dominate most architectural styles. Think round coffee tables, mirrors, throw pillows, or area rugs. One of the most high impact ways to add a rounded shape to your space is with a round top front door. It gives your home a romantic, eclectic feeling. Our round top doors have an optional frame-out kit to make installing them a breeze. 

Incorporate contrasting patterns 

While patterns like paisley or batik are commonly associated with the bohemian look, don’t overlook stripes, checks, and plaids. These more traditional patterns help provide balance and visual interest. 

Add a sense of place 

For a twist on the bohemian style that’s unique to you, consider adding references to the world outside your door. For instance, if you live in a desert climate, incorporate warm terra cotta colors into your look, and trade the house plants for succulents. If you live by the coast? Accessories with a maritime feel or nods to surf culture will help tie your space to its surroundings. 

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