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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Maritime Gig Festival: A Gig Harbor Tradition

This week's blog is short and sweet: we wanted to share some photos from the Maritime Gig Festival last Saturday! Here in Gig Harbor where RealCraft is based, there's a festival every year down by the waterfront to celebrate our beautiful city. For the last two years, the festival was on hiatus, so this event was a long time coming and we were thrilled to be a part of it. There was live music, food vendors, a parade, a fun run, and more! If you're not from around these parts and you've ever wondered what Gig Harbor is like, here's a small taste of the town where we build and ship our doors and hardware.

We had a parade float featuring several of our sliding doors and hardware, and a set of automated carriage doors. Decorating and building the float was a team effort, with almost everyone at RealCraft pitching in. As you might imagine from a group of design-oriented people, we had a lot of ideas and opinions about how to decorate the float. Our effort was well worth it--our float won the Mayor's Award! After the parade, we set up shop at a booth so that folks could learn more about us and we could get to know them too. It was so great to meet in-person with members of our community! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi. 

our parade float in action 

custom sales representative with a young parade float volunteer


community members with German Shepherd dog


our booth with custom sales team and commercial sales team and hardware samples


group photo of RealCraft Team with our parade float


photo of the crowd at the parade in downtown Gig Harbor!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by. We're so proud to be part of this welcoming, vibrant community here in Gig Harbor, and we already can't wait for next year's Maritime Gig Festival! :)

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