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All About Double Barn Doors

Sometimes two is better than one.

We’re talking about sliding barn doors. After all, what if you have a large opening that needs to be covered? You could get a single sliding door that’s large enough to cover it, but then that door would need a lot of space on the track in order to function properly. A set of double barn doors—whether you choose bi-parting or bypass—offer a space-saving solution for large door openings.

Even if your door opening is moderate in size, a bi-parting set of narrow double doors adds a unique look to your space.

What are applications are double barn doors good for?

  • Separating dining rooms/living rooms
  • Closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Offices
  • Pantries
  • Utility rooms (mudroom, laundry room)

Double reclaimed wood barn doors

Why sliding double barn doors instead of swinging double doors?

 There are two reasons why double sliding doors are a great alternative to traditional swinging doors. First, they save space. Closets and utility rooms like pantries and laundry rooms are often cramped, and adding a swinging door to them makes it worse. Sliding double doors frees up precious space and makes these areas easier to access. This is also true for areas like dining rooms that are full of people during the holidays and special occasions! With double barn doors, you can enlarge areas of your home that currently have swinging double doors.

Double single panel barn doors with stainless steel hardware in a large bedroom space

What’s the difference between bi-parting and bypass double doors?

Both bi-parting and bypass double door configurations have two doors. But in a bi-parting system, they meet in the middle to close, and slide in opposite directions to open. They slide on one track. Bypassing double doors slide in front of and behind each other. When open, they stack on top of each other. Bypassing doors require two tracks running parallel to each other. So the main difference between the two configurations is that not every track style work with bypassing doors. Box rails and certain types of flat track hardware work best.

bypass beech wood barn door installed a living room space

Can I customize double barn doors?

Yes! Double barn doors can be customized to seamlessly complement your home. Choose from different wood species and finishes, designs, and hardware. At RealCraft we carry twenty different wood species and offer dozens of finishes, with designs ranging from traditional to modern to contemporary. Looking for a modern take on a set of French doors? We have several versions of sliding French doors. Looking for striking arrow or chevron designs? We have those too. And if you want something classic and timeless, we have multiple Craftsmanand Shaker style options. With custom double barn doors, you can make your home feel even more personal and unique to you.

modern bedroom with custom horizontal plank double sliding door for closet

We hope this blog inspires you to open up and customize your space with double barn doors! 

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