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Free Shipping on Orders Over $399*!



FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Where is Your Accent From?

Here at RealCraft we love versatility, that’s why we love accent walls and ceilings! Accents can be used to break up a large room or to create the illusion of more space. We believe that every accent should tell a story, and that is just what our Real Barn Wood Accents do. The authentic panels add warmth and historic character to your home with the rich hues and textures of timeless barn wood. Our salvaged barn wood accents are a great way to give meaning to a blank wall or ceiling. You can even use them to add some flare to staircases or as a little back-splash.

Our friends at Centre Sky Architecture mastered the use of accents in their rustic design of the Rockin’ E’ Ranch. On this project they merged two of our favorites, mountain rustic design and barn aesthetics. The ranch is contemporary, and features breathtaking accents. The interior rustic accent walls add warmth and texture, offsetting the cool steel beams and white walls.


Centre-Sky-Architecture & Rockin' E' Ranch


Architects and Interior designers at Carney Logan Burke have also demonstrated how accents can be used for rustic and contemporary spaces…all in the same house! At the Owl Ditch Ranch on Snake River Wyoming, they fused western vernacular forms - covered porches, gabled roofs, generous overhangs - with modern elements such as large expanses of glass and sharp furniture.


Wood accents give you the opportunity to make your space cozy chic trend. Whether you decide to panel a full wall in horizontal, vertical, or even chevron planks, you’ll have a room that speaks for itself. Check out our easy install wood accents!

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