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Handcrafted French Doors

RealCraft's Collection of French Doors

Double French Door Barn Door Design by RealCraft

If you’re looking for a new aesthetic appeal to your living space, whether that means a door leading outside or merely into another room, RealCraft’s collection of French doors can provide you with an elegant new look. 

We offer multiple designs:

  • Full French Glass Barn Door Design
  • 3/4 French Glass Barn Door Design
  • Half French Glass Barn Door Design
  • Double French Glass Barn Door Design. 

All four of these designs offer both sliding and swinging operations. Pair it with your favorite Barn Door Hardware for an even more cohesive look!

History and evolution of french door designs

As the name suggests, the French door originated in France. Its popularity grew during the 16th and 17th centuries. It’s rise is tied to the French invasion of modern-day Italy, in which French designers were inspired by Italian architecture. The “window door” was used to allow more natural light to enter the space. Indoor lighting was mostly achieved through lamps and candles at the time, so utilizing light through doorways was practical.

Because large panes of glass were difficult to construct, they made smaller easier to manufacture and replace squared panes. As neighboring countries began to implement the use of glass-paned doors, they gave credit to the French, dubbing it as the French Door, which has stuck ever since.

In the modern-day, French doors still offer a way to naturally light a space even when we have access to electricity. With new innovations, we are able to have both a swinging French door and the sliding glass design. This allows the design to serve both a functional and aesthetic appeal.

The benefits of RealCraft French Doors

  • Allow natural lighting of a space
  • Feel as if the space is larger
  • Can create better airflow
  • Make a space feel more free flowing
  • Great insulation through leaded glass
  • Wonderful aesthetic appeal
  • Great customization available

The benefits of the French doors are fairly expansive. From functional use to aesthetic appeal, the French Door design offers plenty worth to homes and businesses.

When it comes to the functional aspects of French doors, they help illuminate and expand the space. The typical glass panes on a French door design allows for more light to enter a space, which was one of the primary functions. In addition, they add the feeling of more area into a space. Even when closed, the doors still offer a feeling of more space. When opened, the double doors easily expand any room. The glass also helps insulate the interior to keep the space at a comfortable temperature.

In terms of aesthetics, the classic design offers a sense of elegance to any space. With RealCraft’s multiple designs and customization options, including 20 different wood species, you can add a new level of uniqueness to whatever space you’re looking for. Overall, RealCraft’s designs will breathe new life into your space whether it’s interior to interior or interior to exterior.

Common French Door applications

Half Glass French Door Design by RealCraft - Double swinging application

French Doors in homes

  • Sunrooms
  • Back patio entrance/exit
  • Garden entrances
  • Balconies
  • Back doors
  • Office doors
  • Closet or pantry doors
  • Display cabinets

French doors are not only limited to courtyards and sunrooms. While the traditional image a French door design might call to mind is that of a little cottage opening onto a beautiful garden patio, this isn’t their only use. They can be installed as gateways to the outside world, or they can be used for interior to interior spaces as a way to divide two rooms without cutting them off. They work both for home use and in office spaces.

If you’re going for the traditional French door onto a garden, then RealCraft has plenty of options that will fit this decor and type of space. Whether you’re looking for a classic or a modern look, the multitude of options can help you achieve the aesthetic you desire. However, just because you don’t have a back garden doesn’t mean a French door design wouldn’t work for you. They are wonderful for balconies, whether you want a swinging or sliding style.

Many people seeking to install French doors will do so either to replace the typical single pane sliding glass doors that have become a staple in many homes or they might have part of a wall removed to allow a French door to be installed. Either way, this helps to create a natural light flow and allow you to open the interior space to the outside world for natural air flow.

However, even interior to interior spaces can benefit from the elegance and functionality of French doors. A home office space can have a view into the adjacent room, allowing for views of your children playing in the next room, or making it easy for other residents to know when not to disturb you. With leaded glass, you can achieve a level of privacy through the windows.

RealCraft’s French door design inside creates a smoother architecture and adds to a space. The French door doesn’t have to serve as a door from one room to another. They can actually be utilized for closet or cabinet space where you want to be able to see into the space. This is a creative and innovative way to utilize the classic style.

French Door in businesses

  • Restaurant patio doors
  • Storefront entrances
  • Office doors
  • Suite entrances

When it comes to adding to the aesthetic of your business, a French door design can be just the touch you need. When it comes to restaurants, the use of a French door can be obvious. Having French doors opening up onto a patio with seating can make for a pleasant eating experience. However, the use of French doors isn’t just for this segment..

Many boutique stores are learning the benefits of having their entrance be swinging French doors. It adds flair and uniqueness that draws in customers.

Even office buildings can utilize this design to create a more natural and open feel to the office space. For example, the boss can have luxury French doors on their office, making it more welcoming to their employees. Even when closed, the doors allow the office to remain connected and not feel separated.

Benefits of leaded glass

Having windows in your door can be wonderful for allowing light to naturally enter your space, but it can come at the expense of privacy. With leaded glass, you’re able to get both. Because of the process to create leaded glass, they have historically been used in smaller fragment designs like with French doors. Leaded glass bends and refracts light so that it is not easy to see through.

Using leaded glass in your French door comes with some wonderful benefits:

  • Natural light
  • Privacy
  • Unique designs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easily affordable

Benefits of wooden french doors

When it comes to RealCraft wooden doors, we guarantee the best and most solid build. With various types of wood available, we are able to create the perfect and most natural aesthetic to your space. They are not only gorgeous, they provide great functionality. 

  • Sturdy and handcrafted build
  • Unique designs
  • 20+ options for types of wood
  • Wonderful insulation
  • Eco friendly
  • Aesthetically appealing.

Double Full French Glass Barn Door Design by RealCraft - Sliding and Swinging.