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10 Reasons To Fall In Love With French Doors

The French Door design is a style that has been around for hundreds of years, but it is still very fresh and relevant. If you’re considering adding French Doors to your home or business, then there are some wonderful benefits that you should know about. Check out our list of 10 great benefits to installing French Doors.

Background and history

As the name suggests, the French door originated in France. Its popularity grew during the 16th and 17th centuries. Its rise is tied to the French invasion of modern-day Italy, in which French designers were inspired by Italian architecture. The “window door” was used to allow more natural light to enter the space. Indoor lighting was mostly achieved through lamps and candles at the time, so utilizing light through doorways was practical.

Because large panes of glass were difficult to construct, they made smaller, easier to manufacture, and replace squared panes. As neighboring countries began to implement the use of glass-paned doors, they gave credit to the French, dubbing it as the French Door, which has stuck ever since.

In the modern-day, French doors still offer a way to naturally light a space even when we have access to electricity. With new innovations, we are able to have both a swinging French door and a sliding glass design. This allows the design to serve both a functional and aesthetic appeal.

Types of French Doors

Types of French Doors: Single, Double, Sliding

While the image you might call to mind when you hear French Doors might be the double swinging doors that let out onto a courtyard in a villa, there are actually other variations of the design. All three of these styles are great for both exterior and interior use.

Single door

The single door version is a great option for those who do not have the space or funding to replace a large portion of the wall. With the single door, if space allows, a smaller fixed French style window can accompany the door giving you some of the best benefits of French Doors. These are best for tight spaces or narrow doorways.

Double door

This is the iconic French Door that swings open two doors. When closed, the doors offer a wonderful glass window. When opened, the double door style offers wonderful ventilation and space expansion. This style can be used with just two doors or be accompanied by flanking French-style windows that allow for even more light and visibility.

Sliding door

The sliding French Door style can be wonderful for those looking for all the benefits of a French Door but who lack the space needed to swing the doors in or out. The sliding style uses all the same features, but rather than swinging out, it slides to the side, leaving room for furniture and easy access with nothing to obstruct your movement.

Sliding French Doors are can be installed as standard, bi-parting, bypassing, or pocket door systems. 

Standard Barn Door hardware system: in this system, a single barn door track is fixed on the ceiling or wall, and a single door panel (slab) opens and closes by sliding from one side to side.

Bi-Parting barn door hardware system: just like in the standard system, one (or two) door track is fixed on the wall or ceiling, but instead of one, two door slabs hang on each side of the track and the doors close by sliding toward each other. For this system, you might need a single or double track depending on your door’s size and weight.

Bypass barn door hardware system: unlike the other two systems, in the bypass system set up there are two doors that are in front and behind each other in different tracks. The doors on this system open and close by sliding in front of each other on their respective tracks.

Pocket Doors hardware system: similarly the standard and bi-parting barn door system, a track is fixated on the wall or ceiling, but the difference is that the track goes inside a “pocket” in the wall. When open, pocket doors disappear inside the wall. This is a good system option for projects with limited space.

The Functional benefits

When it comes to French doors, they can serve both functional and aesthetic appeals. They are more than just pretty fixtures added to your space. They serve real functional benefits that can make the room more efficient and comfortable.

Allow natural lighting of a space

Full French Glass Sliding Barn Door by RealCraft

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of installing French Doors. This was their original purpose: let in more natural light. They were designed in a time before indoor electricity. The only way to light a space was with candles or natural light. The glass windows allow for that natural light to spill into a room.

Even though we have efficient indoor lighting nowadays, we still operate better in natural light. Being cooped up in an office space that doesn’t have natural light can impact your productivity. At home, the natural light helps illuminate your space and make it feel more welcoming, natural, and homely.

Feel as if the space is larger

Double French Glass Sliding Barn Door by RealCraft

This is going to be especially true for the double door or sliding door styles. They can make a space feel more free-flowing. There’s two ways that it has the effect. When the doors are wide open, it literally opens the space up, whether this is between two interior rooms or an interior to exterior doorway. When the weather is right, the room can be opened up to the outside making the space feel larger.

Even when the doors are closed, the windows allow natural light into the space and offer a view, which gives the feeling of a large and unconfined space.

Can create better airflow

Before the days of central air conditioning, people had to naturally cool and ventilate their spaces. French Doors can still serve this purpose. On a gorgeous Spring or Summer day, opening up the doors can let in fresh air that can both cool and circulate an indoor space. If you live in a Mediterranian climate like California, you can utilize this in the winter as well.

Even in interior spaces, open French doors can create better airflow. If you install double French doors in an office space, this can help with air circulation in the building allowing air to move from room to room.

Great insulation and energy efficiency through leaded glass

Here at RealCraft, we provide leaded glass for our French doors, which is one of the best benefits of our doors. The glass also helps insulate the interior to keep the space at a comfortable temperature. Their design helps with energy efficiency because you won’t be losing heat in the winter or losing your air conditioning on hot summer days.

Using leaded glass, you don’t sacrifice privacy

3/4 French Glass Sliding Barn Door by RealCraft

With leaded glass, you can achieve a level of privacy through the windows. Having windows in your door can be wonderful for allowing light to naturally enter your space, but it can come at the expense of privacy. With leaded glass, you’re able to get both. Because of the process to create leaded glass, they have historically been used in smaller fragment designs like with French doors. Leaded glass bends and refracts light so that it is not easy to see through.

The Aesthetic benefits

While there are plenty of functional benefits, the biggest benefits are going to be the aesthetic appeals. Not only are French glass doors beautiful, but they also complement many great styles. Here at RealCraft, we have gorgeously designed and handcrafted doors made right here in Washington state. Want to take it to the next level? Pair your French Door with yourhardware andaccessories of choice for an even more cohesive look.


Half French Glass Sliding Barn Door Design by RealCraft

French doors can be used for commercial and residential projects and in any room. They are not just meant for cute breezeways onto a patio or garden. They fit into most designs and styles. They can be used for interior to exterior spaces, and they can be used for the interior to interior spaces.

French doors of course offer a breathtaking doorway out onto a deck, garden, or balcony, but a home office space can have a view into the adjacent room, allowing for views of your children playing in the next room, or making it easy for other residents to know when not to disturb you.

When it comes to adding to the aesthetic of your business, a French door design can be just the touch you need. When it comes to restaurants, the use of a French door can be obvious. Having French doors opening up onto a patio with seating can make for a pleasant eating experience.

Many boutique stores are learning the benefits of having their entrance be swinging French doors. It adds flair and uniqueness that draws in customers.

Even office buildings can utilize this design to create a more natural and open feel to the office. For example, the boss can have luxury French doors on their office, making it more welcoming to their employees. Even when closed, the doors allow the office to remain connected and not feel separated.


While customization will completely depend upon where you’re getting your door, here at RealCraft, we offer a lot of customization. With our 4 French door designs, you can get the exact look and feel you desire. All of our styles come in options for swinging orsliding doorapplications.

With 20 different wood species to choose from and multiple glass options, you’ll getyour door to fit your taste and style. The handcrafted work from start to finish ensures the best quality and the most versatility in customization.

Check out more on our different French Door designs: 

Full French Glass style

3/4 Glass style

Half glass style

Double French Glass style

Wonderful aesthetic appeal

Needless to say, French Glass doors are gorgeous, especially ours at RealCraft. Both swinging and sliding French doors offer a sense of flair and style to any space. French doors can add a sense of elegance, but they can also be used to create a shabby chic look and everything in between. Their versatility makes them appealing for nearly all design trends without any risk of them going out of style.

The fact that they have been in use for hundreds of years should be testament enough for their timeless appeal.

Build your own

Like all things, the pricing on French doors will of course vary. Here at RealCraft, we offer wonderful prices and guaranteed craftsmanship. To make sure you can get your dream French door, we now offer financing options! 

Adds to home value

The resale value of your home is always great when it rises. Adding in styled and handcrafted French doors to your home will only add to the value of your house. Whether the door leads from a dining room into a living room or a family room onto the back patio, these doors will add a sense of elegance to the house that will help it increase in value.

Check out our collection

At RealCraft we have multiple designs and styles to choose from. With twenty wood species and multiple glass types, you can get the door you’re dreaming of.So come check out our collection of Handcrafted French Glass Doors.

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