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Barn Door Hardware: Interior & Exterior Sliding Kits | RealCraft

Sliding Hardware For Barn Doors

Sliding Barn doors have become an iconic element in home decor. It is essential that your barn door's hardware be of the top quality to work correctly, and it is necessary to make sure they are installed correctly with all the correct components:

  1. Barn door
  2. Barn door hardware
  3. Barn door tracks
    • Flat Track
    • Box Rail
    • Modern
    • Heavy-duty
    • Bypass
    • Pocket doors
    • Cabinet and mini hardware
  1. Barn door hangers
  2. Barn door latch
  3. Barn door pulls and handles
    • Flush pulls
    • Barn door pulls
    • Ring pulls
  1. Barn door guide (optional)
  2. Track Support Header (optional)
  3. Barn door Soft stop system (optional)
  4. Drywall anti-crush rings

Barn doors

Historically used on outdoor projects such as in stables and barns,barn doors are now a popular design feature for any home or business project. We offer a large variety of barn door slab syles and customization. When building your barn door on our website, you have plenty of options to customize it. You will choose your door dimensions, wood species, panel style, and door finish.

Barn doors operate simply by sliding from side to side hanging on a track installed on the ceiling or wall. There are different hardware systems available, and you can select one that best fits your needs and style.

Standard Barn Door System:In this system, a track is fixed on the wall or ceiling, and a single door panel (slab) is hang by its sides and opens and closes by sliding to the sides. This system also includes pocket doors. Pocket doors run in pockets on the wall instead of being parallel in front of the wall.

Bi-Parting Door System:like in the standard system, one track is fixed on the wall, but instead of one, there are two door slabs that hang on each side of the track and the door open and closed by approximating or moving the pieces away from each other. 

Bypass System:Differently from the other two systems, in the bypass system, there are two or three barn doors that are in front and behind each other on their respective tracks. The doors on this system open and close by sliding in front of each other on their tracks.

Note: In most cases, you will need to select a track size that is at least double the door size.

RealCraft has two available lines of barn doors: the Classic and the Craftsman Series.

Classic Barn Door Series

Our Classic Barn Door Series are available in different configurations like plank, horizontal, mid-bar, z-brace, x-brace, double z-brace, double x-brace, British brace, half x-brace, half z-brace, and many more!

Our Craftsman Series

The Craftsman Series is designed for interior use and is available as sliding, swinging, or pocket doors! These doors are handcrafted from solid wood in unique designs, which makes them delightful to look at.


Barn door hardware

After selecting your barn door plank, you will need to select the barn door hardware kit that matches your project needs. The hardware kit is composed of a series of hardware pieces required for your door to work safely and properly.

Our sliding door hardware kits are available in standard sizes for interior & exterior applications; mini-sized for sliding barn door cabinets, window shutters, and other applications; and even extra-large, heavy-duty size for industrial doors up to 800 pounds. Our kits can work for a single door, double door, and bypass hardware solutions. Every sliding track is made from solid steel or brass, in a range of stylish color finishes. Featuring time-honored styling and functionality with our top-of-the-line craftsmanship, this hardware looks excellent in many decor schemes. 

 Get inspired by these 20 beautiful barn door hardware ideas!


 The track is the system mounted on the wall or ceiling where your door will operate on.

Flat Tracks

Flat Track is the classic, original design that started it all. In this kit, there are two hangers for each door slab, and its wheels go on top of a single track. 

This hardware kit style is perfect for any decor scheme and can add an elegant or fun touch to your sliding barn door. Flat tracks are available in a wide variety of finishes and colors; when selecting this style, you can add our exclusive Hush Wheels that is the quietest, smoothest motion on the market.

Box Rail Hardware Kits

Made out of high-quality raw materials, thebox rail barn door hardware kit is designed for bypass door systems. In this system, the door moves from side to side using a stainless steel trolleys system that hangs on the wall’s box-shaped hardware. This hardware kit is available for single and bypass systems.

Modern Sliding Door Hardware Kits

Our beautifulmodern sliding barn doors hardware kit selection is composed of two modern, elegant, and contemporary hardware kits: Hex Bar and the Swiss Rod. The Hex Bar is a hexagon, a six-sided geometric form bar. Swiss Bar is an unusual round, sleek cylinder-style bar. Both options are made of solid, high-quality stainless steel and are an excellent option for modern, minimalist decorations. Our Swiss Brass hardware kit is also available in Brass, for an even more luxurious feel.

 Heavy-duty sliding hardware

Our industrial heavy-duty barn door hardware is designed to support large doors. Thisheavy-duty system supports barn doors up to800 pounds. Heavy-duty door hardware is suitable for indoor or outdoor projects. Heavy-duty sliding door hardware is available for flat track and box rail style kits.

Bypass door hardware

RealCraft’s Bypass door hardware is the best option for projects with limited space. Designed forbypassing systems, this kit is perfect for two doors. Bypass sliding door hardware is available in flat track or box rail styles.

Pocket Door hardware

Pocket doors are the architect’s and interior designer’s favorite option for a compact door system. Since pocket doors go inside the wall when they open, these doors save even more space than traditional sliding barn doors. We offer a complete selection of pocket door hardware. Our pocket door is available in a flat track or box rail style.

Cabinet and mini hardware

Designed for smaller projects,  our minisliding cabinet barn door hardware kits are small and perfect for cabinets, entertainment centers, sliding window shutters, and many other smaller projects that ask for a sliding door.

All of our kits are easy to install and come with an installation manual and essential parts.


Barn Door Hangers

As the name suggests, barn door hangers are two pieces of hardware that attach the door to the track. Our selection of hangers includes many different styles and finishes.


Barn Door Latch

When building a door for a closed space, you might want to consider abarn door latch. Out barn door latch is designed for bedrooms, bathrooms, ar any other private area that requires the door to lock.


Barn Door Pulls and Handles

Although not essential for the door’s operation, selectingbarn door pulls and handles is one more way to customize your door and make your living space the way you always dreamed of. We offer a wide variety of styles, materials, and finishes, including our unique hand-forged line and solid bronze options. Our barn door handles are available in three main categories: Flush Pulls, barn door pulls, and ring pulls. 

Flush pulls are better suited for bypassing tracks, pocket doors, and shutter door systems. This pulls is aligned with the door’s depth, which prevents it from jamming, crashing, or breaking when opening and closing.

Barn door pullsare generally a vertical solid bar that is attached to the slab. In some cases, this pulls style will require a plate when attached to the door panel. Barn door pulls a perfect, beautiful solution for single and bi-parting door systems and are available in a rectangular or circular format. A common practice is to add a barn door pull to one side of the door and a flush to the other.

Ring Pullsfeatures are a unique, vintage style that consists of a ring that is attached to a matching metal/bronze plate. This pull style can add a vintage, classic, or even medieval feel to your living space or external door. Our ring barn door pull is also available in a hand-forged option, forged by hand by our blacksmith here in Washington.


Barn Door Guides

 Barn door guides or floor guides prevent the door from wobbling and or crashing into the wall when opening or closing. Barn door floor guides can be installed on the ceiling or on the floor and you have the option to keep them visible as an accent or hide them on a groove on the bottom of the door. We offer four different floor guide styles, and all our barn door hardware kits include a standard T-guide.


Track Support Header

Barn track support heard is a solid piece of wood that goes into the wall and allows you to install your flat track hardware kit. We offer a variety of 11 wood species, so you have plenty of options to get the species that works best with your barn door and living space.


Barn Door Soft Stop System

 No more door slamming!Our barn door soft stop system is an accessory that prevents your door from crashing on the track by automatically stopping the door for a smooth and quiet, soft close. This accessory is fit and hidden into your track system, so it does not distract the view of your beautiful barn door!


Drywall Anti-crush rings

If you want to install your barn door without a track support header,drywall anti-crush rings are the solution for your setup. RealCraft’s exclusive drywall anti-crush rings protect your wall from damage and make your track run smoothly. Please note that these rings work as spacers between the blocking and the standoff. Blocking in the wall is required when mounting your door directly on a wall.


RealCraft's Sliding door hardware

We offer a vast selection of high-quality, unique door hardware. Most of our hardware kits and barn door accessories ship within three days, and you get free shipping on orders over $200! Our collection of hardware is available in standard sizes for interior and exterior projects and regular and overweight doors.

If you have any questions about our hardware options or need technical support, call us at 1.800-694-5977.