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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Modern Front Doors

Monarch Pivot Door from $11,688.89
True Plank Pivot Door from $7,355.56

Make A Bold Statement With A Modern Front Door

“Modern” refers to a design movement that has many iterations, including Brutalism and Mid-Century Modern. Modernism rose to prominence in between the first and second World Wars. But this collection represents the most classically modern of all our modern barn doors. What makes a modern door “modern”? The Modernist design movement has a few key hallmarks:

  • Functional design
  • Truth to materials
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Clean lines and ninety-degree angles
  • Open-plan interiors and maximization of natural light

We designed these modern entry doors to reflect this ethos. You’ll find many front doors with glass in this collection, as maximizing natural light is an important part of a modern home. We’ve avoided ornamentation in favor of clean lines and streamlined silhouettes. And we’ve made sure that form follows function, with deep joinery techniques designed to protect the longevity of your door.

You may be wondering: what does “truth to materials” mean? It means that the materials used in building shouldn’t be disguised or covered. This is why modernist design features un-painted wood, exposed concrete, exposed steel, and ribbon windows.

Truth to materials happens to be a major value of ours at RealCraft—we believe in showcasing the beauty of real, solid wood rather than covering it up. After all, paint colors can be fun, but wood is a completely unique material—just like a fingerprint, no grain pattern is exactly the same from one plank to the next. That’s why we offer twenty wood species for our modern entry doors. Our hope is that you will find a wood species you like so much that you’d never dream of covering it with paint! But if you’d like to paint it, we offer Paint Grade Hardware with a Primer option. For a true modern touch, we will always recommend applying a clear finish to your door. If you’re looking for an authentically modern wood front door, RealCraft has what you need.

Can you put modern front doors on a traditional house?

Yes! Many of our door designs are versatile enough to work in more traditional surroundings. The Rancher True Plank or the Modern Flush Plank are timeless styles that would add a contemporary touch to a Craftsman style bungalow. Our Chevron panel doors would coordinate well with Spanish missionary style homes. Modern front door designs are simple enough to work with many different architectural styles.

Will modern barn doors ever go out of style?

Since modernism first arrived on the scene, it’s stuck around ever since. In fact this design movement is the most influential of the 20th century, affecting much of our built environment today, including furniture and graphic design. While a modern door references a specific time in history, modern design has become so influential that it will never look dated. You can choose a modern door with confidence, knowing it will look beautiful year after year. Modern entry doors have become the new classics. Shop the collection to build a modern entry door that’s completely unique to you.