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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

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Modern Sliding Barn Doors

Modern Sliding Barn Doors

You might think that barn doors only come in one style: rustic farmhouse. The name “barn door” suggests it, right? But think again, because our collection of modern barn doors offers a fresh, contemporary take on the barn door concept.

What are the defining elements of Modern Design?

We should note here that “modern” and “contemporary” are used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same. “Contemporary” refers to what is currently in style now, and is always changing with the times. “Modern” refers to design originating from a specific period of time, the early 20th century (from roughly 1930 to 1960).

When it comes to doors, there are three main features of modern design:

  • Simplicity: modern design does away with ornamentation, instead favoring clean lines and sharp angles. Designs are minimalist and straightforward.
  • Neutral colors and natural materials: bright pops of color have their place in this design movement, but not for doors or other wooden elements. Showcasing the natural beauty of wood is a hallmark of modern design. Influenced by Scandinavian and German design, the modern look also heavily features light-colored woods like Ash, Maple, and White Oak.
  • Glass: Glass elements are also an important part of modern design. Large glass windows and abundant natural light from glass panels in doors enhance the open floor plans favored in modern spaces.

Chevron Doors and Arrow Doors

We offer several chevron and arrow-style barn doors. These are some of our most popular modern barn doors because they add visual interest to a space without being over-the-top. They double as movable artwork, eliminating the need for a separate art piece. Chevron doors don’t just work in modern spaces. They look beautiful in more traditional or rustic spaces, too. The wood species you choose goes a long way in determining the final look and feel of your chevron barn door.

Doors With Glass Elements

True to the spirit of modern design, we have several modern barn doors with glass panels. Glass elements improve the flow of natural light and can brighten darker, smaller spaces. Whether you want one extra-large glass panel or four offset panels, or a variation of the ever-popular five panel style, a barn door with glass adds style to any space.

Unique Barn Doors

Rounding out our modern collection are extremely distinctive doors, like our End Grain Mosaic Door or our Butcher Block Door. These doors feature woodworking techniques you would typically never see applied to doors. They’re sure to make your friends say, “wow, where did you find that?” We also have sleek, minimalist plank doors that are available as DIY assembly doors for a fun weekend project. Because we know first-hand that there’s nothing more satisfying than building something yourself, with your own hands.