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French Leaded Glass Sliding Barn Doors

RealCraft's Collection of Sliding French Doors

Double French Door Barn Door Design by RealCraft

If you’re looking for a touch of classic style, RealCraft’s collection of sliding French doors are just what you need to add an elegant new look.

We offer multiple French Door designs:

  • Full French Glass Barn Door
  • 3/4 French Glass Barn Door
  • Half French Glass Barn Door
  • Double French Glass Barn Door 

The Full French is the most traditional, and the Double French is the most contemporary. What we love about the French door design framework is that you can adjust the design to suit your unique needs. If you’re looking for maximum natural light, then go for Full French or Double French. If you want just a little bit more light or transparency between rooms, you can opt for the Half French Sliding Door. Plus, you can also choose between clear leaded glass or crystal etched leaded glass. Crystal etched glass provides a frosted finish, so it’s an option best suited to spaces requiring more privacy. And the clear leaded glass is just what it sounds like: clear and transparent, optimal for children’s playrooms and display shelves. FYI: All four of these designs offer both sliding and swinging operations. Pair it with your favorite Barn Door Hardware for an even more cohesive look!

History And Evolution Of French Door Designs

As the name suggests, the French door originated in France. Its popularity grew during the 16th and 17th centuries. It was called a “window door” in French and allowed more natural light in people’s living spaces. Indoor lighting was mostly achieved through lamps and candles at the time, so utilizing light through doorways was a practical way to brighten up a space.

Because large panes of glass were difficult to make, smaller square panes held in place with mullions became the preferred alternative. As neighboring countries began to implement the use of glass-paned doors, they gave credit to the French, calling it the French door. Just like that, an enduring classic was born.

The Benefits Of RealCraft French Doors

  • Increases flow of natural light
  • Creates the impression of a larger space
  • Great insulation with leaded glass
  • A classic design that never goes out of style
  • Multiple custom options available

The French door combines form and function for the ultimate stylish solution. French doors help illuminate the space, which is their biggest benefit. They also add the feeling of a larger, more open space. This is true whether the doors are open or closed. Our leaded glass is 1.5” thick, with leaded strips joining the glass panes together. The thicker glass provides excellent insulation and an authentic Old-World feel.

When it comes to aesthetics, the classic design instantly makes a space more elegant. With four design variations, two glass styles, and 20 different wood species, you can create a unique door. And you can create a unique space with the sophistication of a French door. Here are some of the most common applications for sliding French barn doors:

  • Office doors
  • Closet or pantry doors
  • Display cabinets
  • Playroom doors
  • Dining room doors

Double Full French Glass Barn Door Design by RealCraft - Sliding and Swinging.