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Lead Times

We build and ship from Washington, US, so you don't have to worry about delays due to stuck ship containers. 

Our current lead times by category:


Flat Track Series

Product Lead Time

Classic Flat Track

Same Day to 3 Days

Stainless Steel Flat Track Same Day to 3 Days
Brass Flat Track Same Day to 3 Days*
Hammered Flat Track Same Day to 3 Days


Swiss Rail Series

Swiss Rod Rail

Same Day to 3 Days*

Hex Rail Same Day to 3 Days


Box Rail Series

Box Rail 400lbs

Same Day to 3 Days

Box Rail 600lbs Same Day to 3 Days


Cavity Sliders Hardware

Pocket Door Frame

Same Day to 5 Days

Sliding Door Locks Same Day to 5 Days

Door Accessories

Handles & Pulls

Same Day to 3 Days

Door Accessories

Same Day to 3 Days


Automatic Door Openers

Automatic Garage Door Openers


Lead Times

Franklin Autoswing Same Day to 3 Days
Edison Automatic Door Opener Same Day to 3 Days
Fremont Automatic Door Opener Same Day to 3 Days


Handcrafted Wood Products



Lead Times (in weeks)

Interior Doors 4 to 6 
Barn Plank Doors 2 to 4 
Entry Doors 4 to 6 
French Doors 5 to 7 
Custom Doors 8 to 10 
Unique Crafts 10 to 12 


Home Improvement & Décor


Lead Times (in weeks)

Countertops, Tables & Desktops 2 to 3
Mantels & Shelves 2 to 3
Accent Walls 3 to 4


Please note that building times may vary (increase or decrease) due to your customization preferences, such as modifying the original product design, custom finishes, and materials.

Production times may be affected by material shortages and logistics disruptions. Please give us a call at (800) 694-5977 if you need more accurate estimates. 

*Due to the global shortage of raw materials please allow for additional 14 to 21 days for Brass and Stainless Steel products.