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Mid-Century Modern Sliding Barn Doors

Mid-Century Modern Style Barn Doors

What is Mid Century Modern design?

Mid Century Modern is all about optimism and embracing the future. The Mid Century Modern design movement was popular from 1945-1969, during a post-war period defined by unprecedented progress in science and technology. It was influenced by the International and Bauhaus movements, particularly Scandinavian and Brazilian architects. Mid Century Modern interior design was all about meeting the needs of the average American family of the time.

  • Teak, rosewood, and oak furniture and wood accents
  • Clean lines and integration of natural materials
  • Low profile furniture
  • Metal, vinyl, and glass elements
  • Bright accent colors
  • Function over form

Our Mid Century Modern sliding barn doors have clean lines and feature solid wood construction. We also offer our doors in teak wood for a true-to-the-period option, as well as white oak, American ash, and eighteen other wood species. Plus we offer multiple door designs with glass panels in minimalist, proportional configurations. And we have two chalkboard sliding doors, which are multipurpose, a big part of the MCM ethos. Mid Century Modern design privileges function over form, so everything is meant to be useful—if an item is multipurpose, even better!

Why is Mid Century Modern so popular?

The MCM style is popular because it favors simplicity. You don’t have to have ornate accents or a bunch of accessories to make it look good. Simple designs rendered in high quality materials speak for themselves. It’s also the perfect style if your home originally dates from this time period, because it’s likely to have architectural features like tongue-and-groove ceilings, large, single-pane windows, wood floors, or stone elements. These features look right at home with coordinating furniture, accessories, and of course doors.

Does Mid Century Modern go with other décor styles?

Another reason why people like Mid Century Modern design is that it can be successfully combined with more contemporary elements without looking dated or out of place. MCM is often combined with the following décor styles:

  • Industrial
  • Farmhouse
  • Bohemian
  • Traditional

So you can add your unique flair to Mid Century Modern and truly make it your own. In the context of barn doors this might mean pairing a MCM door with industrial-inspired box rail hardware or our rustic horseshoe hardware.

What are some Mid Century Modern do’s and don’ts?

There are ultimately no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to interior design and décor. That being said, here’s some guidelines when it comes to crafting a Mid-Century Modern space.

Do: incorporate bright accent colors. Go for the primary colors for an authentic, vintage feeling, or mix it up with vivid jewel tones like emerald green, magenta, or purple. Adding bright colors here and there is essential to creating a feeling of optimism and energy.

Don’t: go overboard with accessories. One thing a MCM-inspired space should never be is cluttered. In keeping with the principles of this design movement, most of your décor accessories should also serve a functional purpose. Knick knacks should be few and far between.

Do: incorporate multiple wood species and metal finishes. Adding varied wood species and contrasting finishes--like chrome and brass--keeps your space from feeling too matchy-matchy. You don’t want your space to look like a furniture showroom.

Don’t: paint over wood or other natural materials. Mid Century Modern design showcases natural elements as a major feature. So don’t paint your kitchen cabinets or wood furniture, and definitely not your doors, if you’re looking for the authentic MCM vibe. That’s one reason why we use 100% solid wood in our Mid Century Modern designs (and in all of our doors).