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Our Mission

Real Carriage Door & Sliding Hardware offers a throwback to the craftsman era of quality and attention to detail. With solid wood construction and mortise and tenon joinery, our craftsmen take great pride in each door they design and build.

Step by step, they painstakingly put forth the time, energy, and personal attention each door deserves. Meticulous and steadfast, they are unwavering in the quality of the doors they build.

While here, you will find that craftsmanship, excellence, and innovation are of the utmost importance. We embrace the art of working with raw materials and the creative diligence to turn it into something extraordinary.

Unsurpassed quality and workmanship is what you can expect when you choose us. We lead the way in custom doors and we invite you to Build Real with us.

Our Founder

Don Rees started out as the builder, designer, and owner of Rees Builders. He started building authentic one-of-a-kind homes in 1976. His house building projects often incorporated his own wooden doors.

Don created his first swing-out carriage garage doors on a custom home in 1995. Soon his idea found a home in all his projects and became a significant part of Rees Builders. Don found a market for his handcrafted doors. His doors stood above standard garage doors in their quality, unique design, and operation. Soon business drove Don into creating Real Carriage Door & Sliding Hardware. Don continues to oversee daily operations, create new designs, and continues to innovate the idea of what a door can be.

One of the best parts about sliding doors is that there are several operation options to choose from. Each type of sliding door system has its unique advantages and use cases. Learn the difference between standard, bi-part, bypass, pocket, and wall mounted and discover which sliding door operation is the best option for your space.

  • 5 min read

When people drive by your house, one of the first things they see is the garage. More importantly, it’s the first thing you see whenever you leave or return to your house. It’s a staple of your property and you should have one that is beautiful that matches your style.

It seems like everyone has the same dull roll-up garage doors, so why not try something different? Carriage doors are elegant, unique replacements for garage doors that offer many more benefits than your typical roll-up. 

  • 6 min read
The popularity and use of stainless steel have been on the rise recently. For many people, when they think of stainless steel, the adjectives of cold, bland, and unwelcoming have been synonymous, but as modern design has demonstrated, stainless steel can be used in many ways to make stylish, interesting spaces.

Other than aesthetic appearance, Stainless Steel is also a resistant and very easy to clean and maintain material. If you’re unsure how stainless steel can work in your space, then check out this list of superb suggestions for decorating with stainless steel.
  • 3 min read