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Wood Finish Options for Doors

We can apply finishes to assembled doors before shipping, so they are ready to install immediately. Finishes can only be applied to smooth, sanded doors that are fully assembled (we cannot add finishes to DIY barn door kits). Read below to learn about the different types of finishes we offer.

EuroFinish by Osmo

Osmo clear hardwax oil in Soft Satin sheen.


Osmo hardwax oil is our preferred wood finish option for all doors - from interior sliding barn doors to large garage doors. It is a European hardwax oil, a superior finishing system for real wood products that can be use interior and exterior. It is hand-rubbed into the wood to provide a smooth, rich finish.

Not only is Osmo the most affordable clear wood finish option we offer, it also combines the advantages of both penetrating and surface protecting finishes. This gives it an advantage over urethane or traditional oil finishes. With the conditioning benefits of penetrating oils and the protection of a durable wax surface, it provides a breathable, smooth exterior that gives you the best of both worlds.

Osmo is all-natural, derived from plant-based oils and waxes. Ideal for application in any room, this non-toxic finish has been tested and approved in Europe for children’s toys.

One of the greatest advantages of Osmo is that it is easily maintained, and is spot repairable without the need for sanding.

Osmo Hardwax Oil Benefits:

  • Protects wood from the inside, soaking deep into the wood and protecting the surface
  • Micro-porous formula forms a molecular bond with the wood
  • Surface is able to be touched up or re-coated
  • Enhances natural wood color and grain patterns
  • Will not crack, flake or peel
  • Great liquid resistance
  • Easy to maintain

Osmo hardware oil is available in multiple sheen options. For interior doors, you can choose from matte, soft satin, or soft gloss. Exterior Osmo is available in soft satin, with added UV and mildew resistant properties. See this page to learn how our Osmo EuroFinish compare to other traditional treatments.

Consider the table below to see how popular finishes compare.

Osmo Hardwax Oil Traditional Oil Finish Urethane Finish
Protects wood from the inside Yes Yes No
Protects surface of wood Yes No Yes
Can be repaired without sanding Yes Yes No
Liquid resistant Yes No Yes
Will not crack, peel, or flake Yes Yes No
Multiple sheen options available Yes No Yes
Little maintenance needed Yes No Yes
Forms a surface barrier Yes No Yes

Clear Urethane

We use Prothane, a spray-on exterior plastic urethane coat. It is the most durable surface sealing finish available. It is water-resistant, although not waterproof (as is the case with most wood finish options). It is a popular choice, providing a strong, built-up protective coat. Available in satin sheen and flat matte.

Primer for Paint

If you plan to paint your door upon delivery, this is a good option that not only seals the door before shipment, but primes the surface for easier painting once received.


We are able to paint doors with either a black or white exterior grade lacquer. We can also match most national brand, enamel-quality paint colors. Call for information and pricing.


How often would I need to maintain an Osmo finish?

This will depend on the degree of use and exposure to sun and moisture over time. Re-application is generally recommended every 3-5 years on interior doors, and every 3-10 years on exterior doors. Exterior applications are where Osmo can make a significant difference. Although surface finishes like polyurethane can look great for a number of years, once it does show signs of wear, you are unable to simply add a new coat. Often, it becomes necessary to completely strip the finish by sanding down to bare wood. This can be completely avoided with Osmo. If the wood begins to look dull, dry, or damaged from surface scratches caused by usual wear and tear, Osmo can simply be reapplied to the affected areas, or all over for a refreshed look.

Originally designed for use on decks and hardwood floors (even used in airports!), Osmo products are tough and made to endure and repel the elements.

How do I maintain the finish?

The general rule for re-coating is to apply where and when needed, on a clean and dry surface. Then wipe, brush, or roll on a thin coat as desired. After several minutes, rub in and wipe off the excess. Osmo can be purchased from us to maintain your door's finish for years to come.

If you have additional questions, or need assistance selecting the right finish for your door, please call 1-800-694-5977. We'd be happy to help!