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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Wood Finish Options for Doors

We can apply finishes to assembled doors before shipping, so they are ready to install immediately. Finishes can only be applied to smooth, sanded doors that are fully assembled (we cannot add finishes to DIY barn door kits). Read below to learn about the different types of finishes we offer.

EuroFinish by Osmo

Osmo clear hardwax oil in Soft Satin sheen.


What is Osmo and why do we love it? 

Osmo is a European wood finish that combines the advantages of an oil and wax formula into one innovative hybrid product. The wax forms a surface barrier while the oils penetrate deep into the wood. All the Osmo finishes we use are based on natural plant ingredients that form a molecular bond with the wood. As a result, Osmo creates a much more natural look and feel than urethane-based finishes. And unlike urethane, Osmo doesn’t need to be sanded down to touch up or reapply, saving you time and effort, and making door maintenance a breeze. 


Osmo Hardwax Oil Benefits: 

  • Protects wood from the inside, soaking deep into the wood and protecting the surface 
  • Micro-porous formula forms a molecular bond with the wood 
  • No sanding needed to touch up or reapply 
  • Enhances natural wood color and grain patterns 
  • Will not crack, flake or peel 
  • When dry, Osmo finishes are so safe that they’re EU-approved for use on children’s toys 
  • Resistant to liquids including food and beverage spills 

Osmo hardware oil is available in multiple sheen options. For interior doors, you can choose from matte, soft satin, or soft gloss. Exterior Osmo is available in soft satin, with added UV and mildew resistant properties.See this page to learn how our Osmo EuroFinish compare to other traditional treatments. 


Check out the table below to see how popular finishes compare.

Osmo Hardwax Oil Traditional Oil Finish Urethane Finish
Protects wood from the inside Yes Yes No
Protects surface of wood Yes No Yes
Can be repaired without sanding Yes Yes No
Liquid resistant Yes No Yes
Will not crack, peel, or flake Yes Yes No
Multiple sheen options available Yes No Yes
Little maintenance needed Yes No Yes
Forms a surface barrier Yes No Yes

Other Finish Options 

White Primer: White Primer can be applied to Paint Grade Hardwood or select wood species. We do not recommend applying White Primer to species with a lot of knots, such as Knotty Alder or Rustic Walnut, as the knots and wood grain will not provide the smoothest finish. Doors finished with White Primer are ready for paint when they arrive. 



What is Paint Grade Hardwood?  

Paint Grade Hardwood is our term for smooth-grained hardwoods that are best for paint. It will always be a reliable hardwood—depending on what we have in stock, it could be European Beech, Red Grandis, American Ash, or something different. If you select “Paint Grade Hardwood” as your species in the product options menu, it will default to White Primer or No Finish in the Finish options. 

How often to I need to reapply Osmo finish? 

This depends on several factors, including: 

  • Whether it’s an interior or exterior door 
  • Local climate and weather 
  • How well the exterior door is protected from sun exposure by an awning, portico, or other protective cover 

In general, expect to touch up exterior doors every 1-3 years, and interior doors every 3-5 years. If you live in an exceptionally hot place, you may need more frequent touch ups. 

How do I reapply Osmo finish? 

Touching up or refinishing with Osmo is very simple and quick. Ensure that the door you’re re-finishing or touching up is completely clean and dry. Then apply one coat of finish according to directions on the can. No need to sand! If you need to purchase additional Osmo product, check out our collection here. If you aren’t sure which formula is right for you, call us at1-800-694-5977.