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Wood & Finish Sample

Samples of our wood and finishes provide a more accurate and tangible way to know how your wood will look when it arrives in your home. 

Only a microporous finish can preserve the natural beauty and durability of wood. Osmo is considered one of the pioneers of modern wood coating systems based on oils and waxes. When combining wood and color, a living breathing work material with a protective surface, a deep understanding for both components is necessary. Our wood coatings are always microporous – only wood that can release moisture will retain its natural beauty. Natural oils and waxes protect the wood against dirt and moisture. Thanks to the high content of color pigments, our wood finishes, and stains offer twice the coverage as most conventional finishes. Even without primer, they exhibit excellent hiding power from the first or second coat. When renovating, your customers can forgo time-consuming sanding work. That really counts.

More info on the benefits of our Osmo hardwax-oil is available here.

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