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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*


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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

Edison Automatic Sliding Barn Door Opener Base

The Edison Automatic Sliding Door Opener provides convenience and accessibility for sliding door applications. The motor and track mount to the ceiling or wall above the opening and the arm connects to the door. With the click of a button to this motorized sliding door mechanism, the automated doors slide horizontally to open or close.

Edison operators use a direct drive technology to maximize strength and minimize moving parts and operator noise and vibration. These models are ideal for installations with limited back room or where the building was not wired for a garage door operator ahead of time, since the connector wire allows the control housing to be mounted anywhere within 16' of either end of the operator rail (note that operator controls are required to be a minimum of 5' from a moving door for safety).


Security and Safety:

  • 922.5 MHz radio controls with 128-bit encryption
  • Positive push-back by the operator in case of attempted forced entry
  • Optional Buzzer and Lock for additional security
  • Continuously adjusted force curves for maximum safety and obstacle detection
  • Operators adjust speed based on door balance and weight for optimal speed and safety
  • Monitored optical safety sensors included
  • Optional monitored safety edge can be added



  • 4-channel on board radio receiver for optional functions with 40-slot on board memory
  • Engineered to 125,000 cycles in beta stage with third-party certification
  • Mid-stop and automatic closing enabled
  • Interlock capable
  • Monitored safety edge or optical safety edge capable
  • Alternate timing for internal and external lighting with radio channel 2
  • 12VDC power supply at the motor carriage and 24VDC power supply at the control housing
  • Homelink compatible


Models and Motor Sizes (note that door weights assume correctly balanced doors):

  • 3/4 HP = 600 Newton – speeds up to 9.4" per second – maximum door weight 600 lbs.
  • 1 HP = 800 Newton – speeds up to 8.3" per second – maximum door weight 1,100 lbs.
  • 1.25 HP = 1100 Newton – speeds up to 7" per second – maximum door weight 1,500 lbs.


Included in the Operator Package:

  • Motor carriage
  • Control housing with built-in wall controls
  • 16' connector wire
  • 3-piece track (10'9" of rail for doors up to 8')
  • Nickel-plated chain
  • One 4-button remote with visor clip
  • Wired safety sensors
  • Hardware for installation including door arm, ceiling bracket and straps
  • Manuals and low voltage wiring kit

Additional Optional Accessories Include:

(call us at 1-800-694-5977 to add these items)

  • Lock: this magnetic lock will hold the motor in any position up to an attack force of 660lbs. This will help with break in protection as well as wind concerns.
  • Sensor: this humidity sensor will open the door slightly to regulate humidity and temperature within the space.
  • Memo: this device will store all transmitter commands and works up to 450 transmitter commands. This is a great option when memory backup is a concern.
  • Motion Sensor: this option will sense motion in the garage and automatically activate LED lighting.
  • Buzzer: the alarm buzzer recognizes and break in attempt and outputs a loud signal tone. The buzzer also activates an acoustic tone during the closing process.
  • Lumi Pro+: is additional LED lighting for the Control Unit that can be easily operated with transmitters.
  • Relay: additional relay for controlling courtyard lighting.
  • Outdoor keypad: allows you to operate the opener using a personal code and is safe outside. Capable of operating up to 10 openers with 10 codes per opener.
  • Wireless wall button: will operate up to two openings and is battery powered.
  • ENTRAsys FD: this fingerprint scanner is great for commercial applications and businesses. This device can save 50-80 fingerprints and has a high protection against manipulation.
  • SOMlink: this service interface is for installers (contractors and technicians only) that allows you to adjust features/parameters with an app on your smart phone. Allows for easy adjustment on the different programming options of each opener.
  • SOMweb: this system allows you to operate the openers from an app on your smartphone. It is safe to use as the data remains at home and not on external servers. It works with up to 10 systems and 10 users (with options for more), easy operation of doors, check door status, and notifications of door movement. The system has HomeKit technology allows use of Apple Home App, supports voice control with Siri and Google Assistant. There are upgrade options (IFTT) that allow programmed scenarios such as automatic open and closing, and control via Amazon Alexa. There is also optional video monitoring via bookable plug-in video function.


Installation Manual


The Edison is a powerful opener with three horsepower options:



A traveling 24V DC motor attaches directly to the door via provided door bracket and boomerang arm, offering extremely quiet operation. This opener uses the smallest number of moving parts of any opener on the market, making it exceptionally durable. The control board has a motor brake function, meaning if the motor speed is exceeded, the motor brake actively uses the brake resistor. There are also terminals that allow you to hook up to your home automation system, and automatically has operates with a soft close and open feature. The force process and positions are always known by the control unit, and any changes (attempted break in) will be recognized by the operator. Because of the learn mode (otherwise called Autoset), the motor will learn the force required to move the door during initial setup. This means the operator will not run at full strength (unless needed), but instead adapts to your application. With this operator there is only one limit stop located on the rail that needs to be adjusted, leaving the closing position to be programmed. The motor carriage is simply laid out and pre-installed on the rails. There is already a light located on the control unit with mounting holes pre-drilled, and a vacation button for your convenience. The control unit is connected to the rail with pre-installed wire connector, allowing the control unit to be mounted anywhere that is convenient. The unit can be mounted on the ceiling or the side wall allowing for flexibility for your specific application! The Edison Opener requires zero maintenance and comes with a lifetime warranty on the whole unit, plus a 2-year warranty on all accessories.


Battery Backup is available for our customers purchasing this unit (required for California residents) and will hold a charge for 24hrs after losing power and can operate 1-15 uses of one charge. This system is meant for emergency situations not for long term use without power. The life of the batteries will last about 8-10 years!