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Automatic Garage Door Openers

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About automatic garage door openers

Automatic garage door openers and automatic carriage door openers are a prevalent and convenient systems for houses, small businesses, warehouses, sheds, barns, and farms.

Automatic door openers are, essentially, hardware systems that automatically open and close swinging or sliding doors. There are several styles and systems of electric door openers available in the market. They go from residential automatic door openers to industrial to lightweight to heavy-duty door openers.

RealCraft’s Automatic Door Openers

RealCraft is proud to partner with the world's best openers for your carriage garage doors and sliding barn doors. Brilliantly engineered, our openers offer quiet operation, unmatched torque, and custom programming for all sizes of swinging barn doors & sliding garage doors.

We currently offer three different automatic door openers systems:

  • Franklin Autoswing® Carriage Garage Door Opener
  • Edison Automatic Sliding Door Opener
  • Fremont Ceiling Mounted Autoswing Garage Door opener

  • Franklin Autoswing® Carriage Garage Door Opener

    Exclusively available at RealCraft, this automatic swing door opener is the perfect solution for your swinging carriage or garage door. Compatible with in-swing and auto-swing door opening, the Franklin Autoswing offers a compact,  smooth, and quiet operation. 

    Brilliantly engineered, this automatic opener is suitable for commercial and residential projects and is compatible with several accessories. This system also offers several personalization options like password protection, delayed opening, decelerated closing, and others.


    Edison Automatic Sliding Door Opener

    With outstanding customer reviews, our exclusive Edison Automatic Sliding Door Opener is available for single, bi-parting, or by-passing door systems.

    Single Sliding  Door System: A single track is fixed on the wall or ceiling, and a single door panel opens and closes by sliding from one side to the other.

    Bi-Parting Door System: A single track is fixed on the wall or ceiling, and two slabs hang on opposite sides of the track and the door opens and closes by approximating or moving the panels away from each other. 

    Bypass System: Two (or more) tracks are fixed to the wall or ceiling and each door slab has its own track. The doors on this system open and close by sliding in front of each other on their respective tracks.

    This opener is the perfect industrial door opener automatic system! Our Edison system is also suitable for smaller residential and commercial projects. Also available in a heavy-duty option, this automatic door opener is compatible with multiple accessories such as battery backup and wireless wall keypad.


    Fremont Ceiling Mounted Outswing Garage Door Opener

    Designed with European patent and specifically for out-swing carriage doors, the Fremont Outoswing is a more cost-friendly system for swinging doors. 

    This automatic opener system is installed directly by the ceiling, and a traveling 24V DC motor is directly attached to the doors via pushrods. Our Fremont automatic garage door opener offers quiet, reliable, and durable operation.


    Automatic Garage Door Opener Accessories

    These openers are available in different price ranges, and they also vary in functionalities and accessories. Some popular features and accessories are:

    1. Wifi capability
    2. Remote Control
    3. Battery Backup
    4. Wireless Keypad
    5. Wall-mounted opener
    6. Solar power

     1. Wifi Capability

    Automatic garage door openers with wifi capabilities or support to wifi accessories/hubs are among the customers’ favorite features. This feature allows users to operate their garage, carriage, or swinging door directly from their smartphone! Some systems will notify you when your door is open, adding an extra layer of safety to your home or business. Our wifi hub upgrade accessory for the Franklin Autoswing allow up to 5 different users to operate the opener from their phone through an App available for Android and IOS.

    2. Remote Control

    Considered an essential accessory for customers looking for automatic garage door openers, the remote control is convenient and can also be considered a safety accessory. The remote control lets you operate your automated opener system with the simple click of a button, so you do not need to leave your car when leaving our arriving at your garage.

    3. Battery Backup

    Some automatic garage door openers, like our Franklin Auto Swing Opener,  support an extra battery. The extra battery will ensure your door operation when there is no electrical power supply. It is vital to notice that, for safety reasons, some states in the US require a battery backup if you have an automatic door opener, so make sure to check your state regulations before adding an opener to your shopping cart!

    4. Wireless Keypad

    Perfect for multi-person households and establishments requiring multiple people to operate a door, the wireless keypad for automatic door openers allows different users to set up their own, unique access code to operate the door. Our Outdoor Wireless Keypad with Alarm allows up to 10 different users to set up their unique password and the built-in alarm add 

    5. Wall-mounted Opener

    Indoor wall-mounted openers are a small button panel installed in the inside area. Usually wireless and extremely simple to operate, this panel allows you to manage your automatic garage door opener from the inside with just a click!

    6. Solar Power Charger

    Another customer favorite, the solar power charger accessory, is a trendy item for automatic door openers. There are many great reasons to integrate your door opener with a solar power charger; some of them are:

    • Solar energy generates clean and sustainable electricity without pollution and toxic residue emissions;
    • Solar power helps you save money on your energy bill;
    • The federal government gives you a tax credit for using solar energy.


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