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Brass Classic Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

A best-selling style in a luxe new finish - we are delighted to present our Classic Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit in solid, sumptuous brass. Evoking feelings of elegance, the Classic's straps fasten to the face of the door, the top of the exposed hangers wrapping gracefully over the wheel and riding on a solid brass rail for the ultimate barn door look. 

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All RealCraft barn door hardware kits are machined in Washington State, USA.


Our color hardware finishes are powder-coated steel. Unfinished raw steel is just that - the metal is not treated, and it's intended to have a worn and weathered look over time. The material is susceptible to pitting and rust, giving the hardware a time-worn look that meshes well with rustic, shabby chic, and industrial design schemes.


This hardware ships free within the continental United States. Free shipping excludes expedited shipping, international shipments, and oversize orders that require LTL shipping. Fast lead time: In-stock items ship in 1-3 days! Most orders ship same day if ordered by 12 PM Pacific time.


If you're adding a Soft Stop to your flat track hardware, keep in mind that it's recommended for interior use only. Soft stops can be used with flat tracks 5' and longer. If using two soft stops (one at each end of the track), this configuration is compatible with one-piece tracks over 12 feet in length, or with 2-piece tracks 10 feet in length and longer. Even if the overall weight rating for your hardware kit is higher, the weight rating for a Soft Stop is 220 lbs.


Doors are not included with the purchase of hardware.


If you have questions, or if your project requires special consideration, please call 1-800-694-5977. We'd be happy to help!


For a single door, multiply your door width by two for ideal track length. Example: For a 3' wide barn door, you'd need a 6' barn door hardware kit.


For bi-parting doors, you'll need to add the width of both doors together, then multiply that sum by two. Example: For two 3' wide bi-parting doors, you would need a 12' track. When you are making your selections in the menu, change "quantity of doors on track" to the correct amount so we can send you all the hangers and extra hardware you'll need.


For bypassing doors, you’ll need our bypassing barn door hardware kit.


If your door requires a track length that falls between our standard sizes, you can round up to the next size and pair with the adjustable end stop. This will allow you to choose where the door stops on the track. We are also able to cut custom tracks.


For custom lengths, call us at 1-800-694-5977.


Use the table below to find out how many rails you’ll receive in your flat track hardware kit.

Selected Track SizePieces in KitTotal Actual Length
4'1 rail at 47"47"
5'1 rail at 59"59"
5'3"1 rail at 63"63"
6'1 rail at 71"71"
6'6"1 rail at 77"77"
7'1 rail at 83"83"
7’6"1 rail at 89"89"
8'1 rail at 95"95"
8’6"1 rail at 101"101"
9' one-piece1 rail at 107"107"
9' two-piece2 rails at 53.5"107"
10' one-piece1 rail at 119"119"
10' two-piece2 rails at 60"120"
12' one-piece1 rail at 143"143"
12' two-piece2 rails at 71"142"
14' one-piece1 rail at 166"166"
14' two-piece2 rails at 83"166"
16' one-piece1 rail at 83"83"
16' two-piece2 rails at 95"190"
16' one-piece1 rail at 190"190"
18' two-piece2 rails at 107"214"
18' one-piece1 rail at 214"214"
18' three-piece3 rails at 71"213"
20' two-piece2 rails at 119"238"
20' one-piece1 rail at 238"238"
22' two-piece1 rail at 119"; 1 rail at 143”262"
24' three-piece3 rails at 95"285"
24' two-piece2 rails at 143"286"


Hardware StyleWeight Rating (per pair of hangers)
Aero | Prop150 lb. door
Classic | Hammered400 lb. door
Classic Brass150 lb. door
Horseshoe550 lb. door
Industrial Flat Track800 lb. door
Box Rail400 lb. door
Swiss Rod | Hex Bar300 lb. door
Brass Swiss Rod150 lb. door

Technical Guides & Manuals:

Download Installation Manual
Classic and Hammered Style Cut Sheet


Still have questions? Click the chat box on the right to speak with a sales associate, or call us at 1-800-694-5977. We're happy to help.



Word Brass over brass classic flat track installed on a blue doorThis classic brass sliding barn door hardware is suitable for both modern and traditional tastes and is our most popular barn door hardware style. Newly available in solid, luxurious brass, this classic sliding door hardware kit is sure to add grace and class to any room.

What's in the kit:

  • Solid steel rail (may ship in pieces depending on selection)
  • Two hangers with wheels for each door on the track
  • All required nuts and bolts
  • Anti-jump plate
  • T-Guide for guiding your door
  • 2-1/2" spacer guide for installing hangers to door


  • Durable
  • Elegant
  • Easy to Install
  • Made in the USA


Product description

The Brass Classic Sliding Barn Door hardware kit is one of our best-selling hardware style, and it is for a good reason. This design offers a sense of grace and class to any room utilizing the hardware kit. Its universal appeal fits with both modern and traditional tastes seamlessly. It is now newly available in solid, luxurious brass.

Brass has become the new popular accent for an abundance of styles, from classic to glam. The reason for this is because it complements nearly any color and material.

Glamour and elegance hardware parts - RealCraft

Why go with brass?

Brass is an element that has been sought after for centuries, but in recent decades it has risen in popularity and now has a strong presence in modern design schemes.


Strength and durability

Here at RealCraft, we stand by all our products and their quality. Brass takes that to the next level as it will last you decades. Brass will last longer than many other metals used. Not only does it add a sense of elegance and power to your room, it promises to survive the wear and tear of use.

Brass is malleable when it comes to shaping it, which means that we can get the right shape and style without sacrificing the durability of the metal. While it might be easy to work with, that doesn't mean it is easily misshapen. Once it hardens, brass offers a solid metal that will stand up against use. It has a strong natural defense to corrosion, but the extra treatment we apply to our brass ensures that it will last for decades.

Tools that utilize brass tend to have a longer life span. They work well in moving applications such as the case with a sliding door. You'll have the peace of mind that this brass will continue to work with your door as long as you have it


Highly Decorative Hardware

OptionBrass brightens and embellishes a room and the design. It works most favorably as an accent rather than the main attraction, which is exactly what this kit offers. When going with one of our gorgeous sliding wood doors, you want to have the perfect accent. Our Brass Hardware Kits provide the best accent to the stunning door you're adding to your room. If your sense of style in the room changes over the years, the Brass Hardware Kit will wonderfully adapt to your new style.

RealCraft Brass Hardware Kits for our Sliding Barn Doors work in many different rooms. Whether you're adding in a sliding wood door to your office, your kitchen, your living room, or bedroom, the brass design can easily be incorporated into the space and offer a perfect accent to your style.

Brass is warm and can add a feeling of "home" to your space. It can make the entire room feel more welcoming with the right touches.

Dont's forget additional barn door accessories for an even more cohesive look.

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Why RealCraft?

The Best Materials

Our exclusive hardware product lines are made using the best raw materials. We make hardware that is durable and beautiful.

Made To Last

We are proud to offer products that are crafted using traditional building methods. We make hardware that will last for generations.

Exclusive Designs

Only at RealCraft you will find some of the most unique and modern barn door hardware designs on the market. We make hardware that stands out.

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