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FREE Shipping On Orders Over $399*

10 Design Trends that Are On Their Way Out in 2024

This is controversial--but we're happy to see some of these trends go in 2024. Home decor trends are always changing, and it isn't always clear what's hot and what's not. That's why we've compiled a list of trends on a downswing so you can plan your decor updates accordingly. But if you really love some of these trends, don't worry. If a trend rings true to your personal style, that's ultimately what matters most. It won't look dated if it's what feels right for you.

1: Recessed Can Lights

These lights are practical, but they can also be super harsh. Direct overhead light isn't flattering on Zoom calls! Instead, opt for wall sconces, floor lamps, or other accent lights. The room will have a softer, cozier feeling, and you won't get exaggerated shadows under your eyes.

2: Quartz and Granite Countertops

modern gray kitchen with waterfall style granite countertop

These countertop styles look and feel cold. Plus, many "quartz" countertops are actually manufactured quartz, and create toxic silica dust that is harmful for the people who make them. Opt for a butcher block countertop instead.

3: Basic Furniture

2023 saw the advent of furniture with round, soft edges, and there's no sign of that slowing down. Embracing curved, round elements--even in subtle ways, like the curved arms of a chair--will keep your space looking sophisticated and current.

4: Fast Furniture

At RealCraft, we're passionate about creating a return to hand-crafted goods. So we're a little biased, but we are happy that fast furniture--the homeware version of "fast fashion"--is on its way out. Furniture based on short-lived trends, made with subpar materials, ends up being super wasteful over time, because it doesn't last or look good for very long. If you can afford to invest in quality pieces, including antique or secondhand finds, your home will not only look better--you will also end up saving money over time. You won't need to replace your coffee table just because of one drywall screw...or because a totally fake veneer starts peeling off.

5: All White Kitchens

all-white kitchen

All-white kitchens were all the rage...but the downside of nothing white? Your kitchen can look messy instantly. It's also a little boring! Embrace a little bit of color or contrasting textures in your kitchen to make it feel warm and inviting.

6: Open Floor Plans

open floor plan modern apartment

Walls exist for a reason: to offer privacy, quiet, and dedicate different zones throughout a house. Open floor plans were trendy but now we know that their functionality is limited--especially if you share your home with others.

7: Colored Appliances

Unless your whole kitchen is carefully coordinated to match, you don't need a pink stove. Colored appliances look dated quickly in most homes.

8: Too Much Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern is a classic design style, and it's not going anywhere. But the key to making this design style work in the here-and-now is not to be too literal about it. If every element of your space is MCM, it can quickly look dated. Adding contrasting touches with your decor, wall art, or accent pieces like throw pillows can help this style look contemporary and fresh.

9: Maximalist Shelf Displays

We love floating shelves because they allow you to take advantage of vertical space. But it's important to keep your shelves edited and organized--too much stuff reads as "cluttered," which isn't what you want.

10: Gray, "Greige," and Beige

contemporary grey-beige living room

Gray, "greige," and other cool-toned neutrals are out. This trend was everywhere last year but there's a fine line between "neutral" and "drab." Warm-toned neutrals are on trend, but so is blue. If you're looking to keep your space on the cooler side of the color wheel, then a muted light blue is the perfect paint color for you that's also very on-trend.

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