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12 Easy Entryway Update Ideas

The winter may be the busiest time of year for entertaining and having friends and family over. It’s important for the entryway to be both functional and welcoming So there’s no better time to make a few simple updates to your entryway. It’s easier than you think to improve the look and feel of this pivotal space in your home—and it doesn’t have to be expensive, either. All you need is a little inspiration and ingenuity. 

Add a bench

entryway with bench and side table

A bench can be both a stylish and functional piece for your entryway. Consider a bench with built-in storage for shoes, or choose a sleek and minimal design if that’s your style. It's a great spot for guests to sit and remove their shoes, and it can also serve as a place to set down items like purses or grocery bags right when you walk in the door. 

Incorporate shoe storage

Shoes scattered around the entryway can make even the most beautiful space look messy. Opt for a shoe rack, a storage cabinet, or even baskets under a bench. This not only keeps your entryway tidy but also helps in extending the life of your shoes by preventing pile-ups where they can get scuffed or damaged or stolen by the dog. 

Consider an entryway table

An entryway table is a statement piece that sets the tone for your home. It can be a place to drop your keys, display a vase of flowers, or showcase a favorite piece of art. Choose a table that’s small enough to fit in the entryway without obstructing door clearance, and consider one with built in cabinetry for more storage space if you need it. 

Refresh your rug

The rug in your entryway protects your floors from your shoes, so it’s likely to get dirty pretty fast. If you live somewhere with inclement weather and a lot of mud or moisture, choose a washable rug for this space so that you can wash it regularly and keep your entryway looking fresh. 

Install a mirror

stylish entryway with several mirrors in collage-style placement on the wall

Mirrors are a fantastic way to make your entryway feel larger and brighter. They reflect light and give you a convenient spot to check your appearance before you leave the house. A large statement mirror, if you have room for it, is a simple way to make your foyer striking and memorable. 

Add houseplants or flowers

entryway table with a vase of fresh flowers

A houseplant or fresh flowers can instantly make your entryway feel more inviting and alive. If you don't have a green thumb, consider low-maintenance options like succulents or houseplants that thrive on neglect, like snake plants. 

Corral your clutter

How often do you come in the door to realize that you don’t have a set place for mail, keys, and other every day carry items? We don’t always have the opportunity to tidy up before guests come over. So it’s good to visually organize the things you can’t immediately store. Getting a letter organizer and tray for your keys helps to visually corral any clutter, which makes your home look more presentable.  

Install storage hooks

If you don’t have an entry closet, consider adding just a few storage hooks for your most-worn jackets or hats. You can find storage hooks that work for every design style, and it makes your entryway look and feel much more organized.   

Put up some eye-catching wallpaper

Wallpaper is a simple way to upgrade the look of your entryway. There are even wallpapers that peel cleanly off the wall, designed for renters, so that you can easily change it out if you decide you want a different look later on. 

Add some floating shelves

Another way to optimize storage in a low-profile way is floating shelves. A floating shelf in your entryway is perfect for storing and stashing keys, purses, and other day-to-day items. You can also use them to display artworks or your favorite knickknacks. If your style is naturally minimal and streamlined, you might prefer a floating shelf over an entry table.   

Create a gallery wall

While the entryway is usually thought of as a utilitarian space, that doesn’t mean it has to look boring. You can create a gallery wall of framed artwork for a personalized touch. This is where thrifted art work can really shine, for a low-cost update that feels authentic. 

Hang a large art piece

Since the entryway sets the stage for the rest of your space, don’t be afraid to go bold. A large art piece makes a lasting impression and expresses your unique personality from the first interaction your friends and guests have in your home. 

Your entryway is more than just a functional space; it's the welcoming point of your home. With these simple updates, you can create an area that's a true reflection of your personal style. 


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